Art by Celia Furness

Mind the Gap_ Exhibition: healing with art

After a quarantined year of conflict and solitude, the Mind the Gap_ Exhibition, hosted at the Green Door Store, showcases an often invisible but all too real struggle highlighted by the pandemic: mental illness.

Art by Natasha Morgan

The exhibition, opening to the public from 12-9pm on 19th August, displays pieces from a variety of mediums centred around the intertwined nature of mental health and artistic expression. The theme coincides with chosen charity Artspace, which provides a therapeutic, community based studio in Bristol Estate for those suffering with mental illness.

With strain put on face to face therapy and check-ins from friends and family, finding alternative ways of coping in the pandemic became essential to survival. Partners in curation and fellow Art History students Phoebe Morgan (22) and Guy Purbrick (21) have brought together a mixture of budding artists and resident artists from Artspace to display the work which has undoubtedly been the product of much mental exploration this past year. “Mental health is a cause we both care about so much,” enthused Phoebe, 22, “I think after all of this COVID stuff we just want to get our friends and family together to celebrate coming out of lockdown and look at some amazing art!”.

Art by Titus Hope

The exhibition will involve, as well as an array of visual art, an experimental sound installation provided by Sholto Wilson, co-founder of Brighton-based record label and events promotion brand ‘Accidental Meetings’, alongside Brighton-based DJ and producer Felix Delano.

“I left my university course in Illustration, mainly to focus on my mental health,” confided Amy Newberry, one of the many young artists exhibiting their work, “it’s daunting showing my feelings throughout the healing process, but I want to do it for viewers to engage with and perhaps even ignite in translation their own relatable experiences.”

Money will be raised through the sale of artwork either as entire pieces or in the form of zines, prints, cards and postcards. Charitable donations are also gladly taken, all of which will go towards art supplies, trips and other amenities for those the charity supports.




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