Mizu/Ten: Photography Exhibition comes to Cafe Plenty

Visiting Japan can seem like a distant dream to some, as flight prices and accommodation are proportionately higher than say, Spain. So if you’re feeling like you need more Japanese culture in your life, Joshua Redfearn, a 3rd year Honours Photography student from the University of Brighton is exhibiting for the first time in the UK.
‘Mizu/Ten’ a series of images taken in Aichi, Nagoya across the summer months of 2016, focuses on the interconnection between rural and urban life in the suburbs of one of the great cities of Japan.
Joshua said, “The inspiration for this work came from late night runs and bike rides through Kitanagoya…I wanted to communicate how exciting and different the landscape looked at night…It is a frequent motif in Japanese art to depict land, water and sky in harmonious relationship, my on experience of the country says that this is an intrinsic view of life there and the Ying-Yang symmetry in my photos hopes to reflect this.” The images will be on display first at Cafe Plenty from the 15th-24th of October but be sure to check out the launch party Thursday October 20th, 7 – 10pm for a private view with the artist, food and drink supplied courtesy of Cafe Plenty.

Be sure to check out Joshua’s website below :
Photography by Joshua Redfearn

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