Mmode ‘Mmode’ – album review

Mmode is the self-titled debut album of brother-sister duo Lucy and Thomas Gaffney, released earlier this month.

Compromising 11 tracks, their album is at times haunting, with whispering vocals, and catchy hooks, as well as ethereal verses, powered sometimes by drum loops.

The opening song, Waiting In The Desert, was the debut single of the duo; it’s similar to the introduction of Emeli Sande’s Heaven. Driven by a drum loop, the intro is perhaps too long, however, the theme of escapism is akin to ‘ear candy’ to any listener.

Gustav is the current single; vaguely dreamy, this alternative song is ideal to drive along to, while Far Away From You is slower than previous tracks, and is ostensibly a love song.

The influence of native Belfast is clear throughout the album, more so in the song Sunrise In Belfast; there’s a hint of saxophone, reminiscent of nostalgia for home.

Originally, Mmode was known as ‘Southern’. The duo signed a record deal aged 21, and moved to Liverpool. However, a sudden illness reset them creatively. Then began the transformation to who they are today.

The theme of escape is what makes this album so appealing to listeners; the catchy hooks and unusual verses is what makes this album a must-have for any fan, or alternative pop listeners.

At times the songs could have a too-long introduction, and there could be more heard from Thomas, however this album suggests the future is bright for Mmode.

Mmode’s Mmode is out now.



Image by Gone Fishing + Marathon Artists

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