Home improvements

Modern upgrades to make your home feel more spacious

The home can sometimes feel dull or lifeless, which means it is time for a makeover and a new, refreshing look, whether you are looking to upgrade a room or your whole home. As we move into the colder months, it is important to make your home cosy whilst also maximising your space effectively for you and your family to snuggle down in the autumn. Here are just a couple of ways that you can upgrade your home to make the most of your space.


Decluttering is a popular trend as the seasons change, with many mental health benefits that come with getting rid of unused things, whether that is clothing, books, or paperwork. Simply by recycling or selling your unused possessions, your space in each room will be instantly maximised, freeing up storage to use and floor space to keep clear.

Upgrade your light fixtures

If you do not have a lot of natural light, good artificial lighting and design can brighten your rooms in a similar way to sunlight. You can add some creative effects using statement light fixtures, by investing in geometric or bold metal fixtures, which will transform the look and feel of each room.

Maximise light

Allowing natural light inside the room will help it appear large so, by bringing it into your home through large windows and glass panes, this will instantly connect the room with the outdoors. If you are looking to add more natural light into your home, invest in doors with larger panes such as bifold doors from Quickslide. These doors can be customised from two to eight panes depending on the size of the space available, with the option to turn an entire external wall into glass panes that make up the bifold doors, creating maximum impact with natural light.

Bifold DoorsPlace mirrors strategically

By adding a focal point and angling a mirror towards it, it creates the illusion of depth. You can also angle your mirrors towards the window to allow natural light to bounce off it and reflect around the room. Glass tabletops and mirrored furniture will work equally well and brightening and widening the appearance of your rooms.

Brighter walls

It is a generally known fact that painting your walls in light colours makes a room look bigger and brighter. Lighter colours are more reflective and do not absorb light, like darker colours do. This will make your home look instantly bigger and more inviting.

Arrange furniture thoughtfully

Your furniture arrangement can have a huge effect on how big or small it appears. With furniture that blocks natural light or doorways being the number one culprit for making your room seem smaller than it is. Open your room by positioning furniture away from entrance ways, increasing the size of the floor space.

By utilising these handy tips, you will transform your home without much hassle and enjoy relaxing in a clearer, fresher space.

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