‘Moments’ single review from trip/hop/alt rock band MOON IDLE

After packing the venue at The Hope and Ruin in Brighton for their debut performance, Moon Idle are rightfully so, on a high. The self-described ‘Trip/Hop/Alt Rock’ band formed in Brighton, delivered a tight and captivating performance. They left their newly accrued fans demanding ‘one more song’. The band provided this without hesitation, offering an insight into their readiness to release more exciting music this year. As they moved through their set list, it is clear they are not going to be confined to one genre. The unreleased Latin-inspired track Para Me feels like a sensual, modern twist on The Girl From Ipanema. Fascinatingly contrasting with the moodiness of their newly released single Moments.

Moments is an enticing introduction to the band’s dreamy, yet powerful sound. Front woman, Quilla Robinson’s ethereal vocals are stunningly complimented by delicate arpeggios on electric guitar. Jungle-infused drums are introduced as the tension builds and instrumentation is layered. Then, the listener is suddenly left suspended with an eerie yet beautiful keyboard progression. The gentle guitar and mesmerising vocals are reintroduced as the song reaches its satisfying climax, assisted by energetic drums and a smooth baseline. Demonstrating their skilful use of dynamics and creative blend of genres, it’s clear they have an exciting future ahead.

Moon Idle is comprised of Quilla Robinson on vocals, keys and guitar, Jasper Fergus on guitar, Felix Burton on drums and Martin Eddington on bass. Their debut single Moments is out now on all streaming platforms. Moon Idle supported Erin May at the Green Door Store in Brighton on Tuesday 4th April. Keep up to date with their shows by following them on social media:

Instagram: @moonidleband

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