Moonchild – Voyager album review

Voyager is the third album of popular American group, Moonchild, and features songs about love, heartbreak but more importantly tells a story about falling in love.

The types of music I typically enjoy are film soundtracks or something I can sing along to in the morning – this was neither of these. At first listen Voyager seems like the perfect way to ease yourself into the day, but it actually had a pretty negative effect on my mood for the rest of the day. I tried listening to it at different points in the day, and I enjoyed it most in the evening because it helped me wind down for bed.

Each song on the album told a story, from waking up to someone at 6am or their love being a cure for them. Cure is the first song on the album, and features an upbeat blend of voices that enhance the way you interpret the song although it did take quite a few replays to figure out the lyrics because you are immediately drawn into the backgound music.

Depending on your taste in music, being drawn to the background music isn’t a bad thing. But for me it was. One of the better songs on the album, 6am, takes the listener away to a deeper place, it’s a self-reflecting song that makes you think of your significant other or your perfect person.

Voyager is an alternative soul and jazz album that is meant to entrance its listener, but like Hollywood albums it is about love and breakups so perhaps surprisingly, it’s not all that different to my usual tastes.

However, Voyager has presented this overused message in a new, unique and exciting way so although it’s not my typical cup of tea I would recommend a listen.

Moonchild’s Voyager is available now, via Tru Thoughts



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