BN1 chats to MoonOverSun: the wonky pop pioneers redefining artful music

Experimental pop – duo MOONOVERSUN are one of the most intriguing artists making waves in the London scene as of recently, their club night ‘WONK’ runs weekly in the capital and showcases some of the more abstract, artful and cutting – edge up – and – coming artists this generation has to offer. Their surrealist, saccharine aesthetic puts them in the same category as artists like Hannah Diamond or A.G. Cook but their attention to detail and tireless work ethic make them a wholly unique experience. Whilst attributing them to a genre or movement is challenging they continually strive towards accessibility, I caught up with them in between th eir frantic schedule to talk through their influences, their ambitions, and where they belong in the ever – changing pop landscape.

You’ve recently started curating weekly club nights, how did this come about?

We wanted to create a space that represented us as we struggled to find shows that worked well with our vibe. We wanted to create a more immersive environment that was equally focused on the visual and musical experience – it’s really fun to completely recreate a venue that always looks the same to re gulars. Having a 50/50 gender split is also really important to us! Through WONK we’ve been able to meet so many like – minded artists and we’ve started to form a really nice community.

You have this admirable DIY spirit to your projects; directing your own video for instance, is there anyone that you would like to work with in the future or do you prefer the comfortability of your own ideas/vision?

Although it is really freeing having complete creative control working with other people is one of the best t hings about what we do, ideas can go places you didn’t expect and collaboration is definitely something we want to focus on in the future.

The Girls/Boys video was a really fun project for us, it was good to push ourselves out of our comfort zone – although a little tricky at times with only two pairs of hands we think it turned out great. There are too many great friends to name that we’d want to work with, whether that’s on visuals or music – we’re definitely making plans to reach out in the future.

Immediately I would compare your music and aesthetic to artists on PCMUSIC, that kind of pastiche of internet culture/early noughties feel, were they much of an inspiration for you?

Yeah they’ve been a massive inspiration. I think it was their ability to bring something so bold and ambitious into the world, it really pushed us to be confident with our own sound and vision. We’re influenced by so much music however, the confidence and direction of pop music today is something that really resonates with us, although other artists inspire us we’re always looking to create something new that is completely us.

Your music has such a vibrant, unique feel. How would you describe your sound to those unfamiliar with your music?

It’s just really fun music, there are un derlying emotional moments with our lyrics but on the surface we just want to make music you can party to. We want to create a MOONOVERSUN universe that people can immerse themselves in. We enjoy getting our personalities across and want to make bold, confident music that makes other people feel bold and confident!

Who are some of your favourite artists at the moment that you would recommend to fans of yours?

There’s so many! Obviously we always have time for superstars like Rihanna, Charli XCX & Dua Lip a, but to shout out some other artists we’re gonna take it in turns…

Isaac : I’m really into this Swedish guy ‘Busu’ at the moment, and this rapper ‘Lil West’ – generally just really into the emo/autotune/trap thing going on at the moment, although it can be a bit hit and miss there are some bangers out there.

Sofia : I really love Rina Sawayama, what she’s doing at the moment is really cool and interesting. I also love Billie Eilish’s whole vibe, and Tommy Genesis is a bad b***h. Also shout out to Cashmere C at and Sophie for always coming through with the beats.

What is your song – writing process like? Is it fairly democratic or do each of you have specific roles in making your sound?

Yeah, it’s completely democratic and we can’t stress that enough. We’ll take turns doing everything. Sometimes we’ll come up with a little sketch of a track on our own and bring it to the studio but most likely we’ll start a track together from scratch. It’s good because if one of us isn’t feeling up to vocals we can switch it up and if one of us doesn’t feel like staring at a screen for 9000 hours we can do the same.

Where do you plan on taking ‘WONK’? Do you have any plans for where you’d ideally like to take it?

We have so many plans for WONK coming into the summer, all of them involving us expanding into a bigger, more collaborative unit. Probably the only thing we can discuss right now is taking the nights beyond London, we’re planning to hit up all our friends around the UK (Bristol, Glasgow, Dublin to name a few) and take it to the next level.

Have you got any live shows outside of ‘WONK’ that you’re really excited about? Any festival appearances this year?

These past few months have really been about us indulging in creating more music and really learning what we want. We’v e been pretty much exclusively playing WONK nights as a result of this which means we’ve been able to properly explore our live set too. Alongside taking WONK to the next level we’re ready to play a bunch more shows over summer and have a sick time.

Where do you see yourself among your contemporaries?

Although its early days we really want to be the ones to bring all of these amazing underground artists together – this attitude is definitely already apparent through the WONK nights. Seeing artists we love, collaborating with other artists we love is so exciting and something we’d love to explore – I think we could learn a lot from pushing ourselves to work with others.

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