Move with the spirit of Brazil thanks to Mo:vel shoes

With 2014’s FIFA World Cup and next year’s Olympics, the sounds, styles and spirit of Brazil is flowing around the world. Infused with the pleasure, rhythm and joy of Ginga – the rocking footwork of fighting/dancing style Capoeira – Mo:vel trainers are inspired by the Brazilian idea of cool, fluid movement.

Displaying a new approach to sports footwear, Mo:vel offers a fashion item with the flexibility and agility of a performance shoe. Elegant in design, comfort is as important as aesthetics. Mo:vel think “moving is better when you enjoy the journey, when you walk with attitude and style.”

Beneath their smooth exterior lines, every shoe provides the ultimate in flexibility and support, with a Phylon midsole and pivot points for freedom of movement. Inspired by Brazilian music, designers Bruno Nunes Coelho and André Coelho Moreira have helped create a range of special limited edition prints (only around 100 pairs per artist being produced).

The location for Mo:vel’s first store, Brighton shares the brand’s free spirited and colourful ethos. Here they’ve created a unique shoe shopping experience. From selection to purchase, the concept ensures a simple process. Designed to let the feet move freely, fluidly and with confidence, Mo:vel shoes are helping us discover our inner Ginga.

The Mo:vel concept store is at 42 Bond St, Brighton.

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