Movies November 2017


Just in case you thought there weren’t enough super-hero films, sequels and spin off’s, Warner Bro’s are releasing one of DC Comics based super hero team. Months after the events of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) is inspired by Superman’s selfless act, and has a restored faith in humanity. Bruce Wayne, AKA Batman enlists a new ally Diana Prince, known by some as Wonder Woman, to face a great threat. The two soon recruit a new team of costume wearing cool kids and together they will try to work against a new-found enemy, Supervillain Steppenwolf. The catastrophic themes they face throughout the film feel similar to the worries we face today, but unfortunately our reality of a possible nuclear war doesn’t involve super-heroes and a bad ass soundtrack.

Justice League


Based on the book with the same name by best-selling novelist Agatha Christie, this thrilling film is not far off resembling a game of Cluedo. A luxurious trip throughout Europe quickly turns sour following a murder that takes place on, you guessed it, The Orient Express. The passengers have not much choice but to remain on the long-distance train, with everyone as suspect, when Belgian detective Hercule Poirot arrives to interrogate the thirteen strangers and try to solve the case. The film features a selection of classic actors including Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer, Penelope Cruz and the lady whose face is on our screens almost as much as the beloved Trump: Judi Dench. For a film full of pretty faces, uncertainty and crime at its most glamorous, this film is set to be a big hit. Just remember, you can’t trust anyone.

Murder on the Orient express


In a day and age where social media is becoming increasingly popular and arguably more important than getting a degree, Ingrid Goes West is a story following a young woman who is a social media stalker. She, like much of the youth today, repeatedly mistakes “likes” for meaningful relationships – who says romance is dead? – and finds herself flitting from one social media obsession to the next. After the tragic loss of her mother, she travels to LA to escape her dull life and befriend Taylor Sloane; an Instagram celebrity (yes, they exist). The two of them form an unlikely friendship together, but appearances soon start to crack and soon enough the bitchiness presents comic results. Aubrey Plaza as Ingrid delivers her usual strong performance as a young girl in a technological world.

Ingrid Goes West


Battle of the Sexes is an American biographical film is an adaptation of the real-life events that took place in 1973, one of the most televised sporting events of all time, a tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs. Emma Stone plays Billie Jean King, a woman who has been fighting for women’s equal pay. Whilst one of comedy’s favourite actors Steve Carell plays Bobby Riggs, a man not favoured by many especially not the ladies who witness his sexist slurs on television. The rivalry between the two intensifies as the match draws closer as the media provokes the two, however there are deeper themes running through the film like gender equality, sexuality and sexism, and it follows Billie on a difficult journey facing issues that were more prominent in the 70’s. If you fancy yourself a funnier, more entertaining version of Wimbledon then this film is one to watch. Hold the Pimms.

Steve Carell and Emma Stone in the film BATTLE OF THE SEXES. Photo by Melinda Sue Gordon. © 2017 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation All Rights Reserved

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