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Moving House Tips 2022

If you want to ensure that you are moving from one house to another in 2022 without a lot of troubles or massive problems, then you need to take a look at these current tips. A lot of different articles have shared some of the best house moving tips, and now it is time to share some of the tips that are starting to come into play in 2022.

Label And Organize Your Boxes Pre-Move

There’s nothing more annoying than opening boxes whenever you move, and finding your blankets and pillows in the kitchen box, your toiletries in the bedroom box, and your pots and pans in the upstairs office. While labeling your boxes has been a tip that is as old as time, you should also organize your boxes pre-move and place everything together in certain areas of your home. Placing all your properly labeled kitchen boxes together and all of your living room boxes together can be very helpful. Then, you should also make sure that the like boxes are all put together on the moving trucks. It can be pretty tough and can make the process of moving boxes around take a lot longer whenever you are constantly playing ‘find the disorganized box.’ Instead, keep like with like from the very beginning, and your boxes will be able to be organized both pre-move and during the move as well. 

Measure In Advance

If you have a guided or self-guided open house tour of your new home to be, then you only need to bring one tool: A measuring tape. A measuring tape is going to be one of the best tools that you can use, because you need to make all your measurements in advance. Measure things like doorways, drawers, door heights, and other spaces. Because you don’t want your bed to get stuck in your doorway, or the oven to be too small and your pans to not fit. Measure and write down all of your measurements and then change any plans or furniture you might have accordingly. It might seem a little annoying, but it is far better than discovering something is too small on move in day!

Make Sure Your Boxes Aren’t Too Heavy

You might think that you know what the heaviest items in your home are. The television, the grand piano, and of course your weight collection! However, you might not think about all the small items that you are placing inside of your boxes, and that weight is going to add up whenever you are filling boxes to the brim! Small things like books, decorations, and other knick knacks inside of boxes can quickly make them incredibly heavy, and they can quickly cause a lot of problems for you. Along with keeping your boxes lightweight due to what’s inside of them, you should also ensure that the boxes themselves are able to support the weight. There’s nothing more annoying than the boxes breaking under the weight of the items inside while you are in transit, especially if the items are very fragile.

Work With A Conveyancer

Finally, while the process of moving into a new home has been covered to death, what often isn’t looked at is the process that happens from when your offer to buy a new home is accepted, all the way until you get your keys and can legally say that you own the new home. In order to make this process as easy as possible, you need to work with a conveyancer. Conveyancers are able to work with you through every single step of trading ownership from the previous homeowner to you. They are licensed to work in the UK, and will make sure that you don’t fall prey to any pitfalls or other issues that can come up if you are unfamiliar with property law. Hire a conveyancer whenever you are just getting started with the process of property ownership, because the earlier they can work on your move and help you out, and the earlier they can research your property, the earlier you can start seeing the benefits. With just a few clicks online you can compare online conveyancing quotes and find the conveyancer who is right for you!

Do Whatever You Can To Make Your Moving Easy,

Of course, some of the best tips are going to be the ones that you figure out yourself! Start looking for strategies that are specific to you and your home scenario, and the moving process won’t take as long!

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