Rebecca Possar explores Lyn Holly Coorg’s Moving Still exhibition, continues at 35 North art gallery until Sun 30 June 2019.

Moving Still exhibition – review

Moving Still is Brighton based photographer Lyn Holly Coorg’s first solo exhibition. It showcases her view on the world and her aim is to evoke emotion in her audience.

Lyn was born in Worthing and moved to Canada as a child with her parents. She was a special needs teacher for 30 years alongside her photography career, but after retiring she decided to aim high and make her dream a reality.She is fascinated with people, how they interact with each other and the world as well as feeling drawn to cityscapes and landscapes.

The contemporary gallery is innately cool and the colours in Coorg’s photography immediately catch the eye, pulling you in. The striking blue in her empty pool image oozes with the rawness the photographer intended and gives a feeling of self-discovery, which was initially unexpected but welcome.

Through the narrow hallway at the back of the room, there is the discovery of Coorg’s Same Seas series which, like the tangible rolling tide and sea breeze, are truly breathtaking.

That these images are photographs and not painted art seems surreal, which Coorg explained was intentional and she often moves the camera as she takes a photograph to give the image a more painterly look.

Rebecca Possar explores Lyn Holly Coorg’s Moving Still exhibition, continues at 35 North art gallery until Sun 30 June 2019.Lyn and her daughter recently travelled to Marakesch and the photographs taken there explode with colour.

Coorg and her daughter were walking past the same window, noticing how it would make a great photo; this the origin for two of the images in the Moving Still exhibition.

In particular the images as part of the Mother & Daughter series really stood out. A feeling of love, warmth and laughter seemed to spill over the frame.

One of the photos was taken on a trip from Nevada to California with her husband on the day music legend David Bowie died. Lyn described all the pictures she captured that day as having a slightly melancholy feel to them.

Colour and emotional context are clearly a very important part of what makes photography magical to Coorg, but in contrast to this her more linear black and white, light and shadows, work is in some ways more powerful.

An image taken in Lisbon, Portugal, shows two walkers crossing paths and the heat from the sun as it reflects the light of the floor almost scorches through the gallery window.

One of the people holds a newspaper and the other a mobile phone as they walk in opposite directions. This seemed quite a powerful commentary of the world we live in now and how the modern, technological world is moving forward, not looking back.

Rebecca Possar explores Lyn Holly Coorg’s Moving Still exhibition, continues at 35 North art gallery until Sun 30 June 2019.Lyn explained how this image took a lot of time and patience to capture as she had found the frame she wanted to use, but had to wait for passers by to get what she calls the decisive click. Her patience and skill are evident in this hypnotizing image.

From talking to Lyn and viewing her art, it is clear a personal connection is very important to her and her passion is inspirational as she describes photography as satisfying her soul.

Photography is not simply taking a picture and moving on but recognising this decisive click, having the patience and respecting the level of technical skill involved in creating this kind of art.

Curator Angie Morris said: “Hopefully with the narrative it is a gateway to seeing the images and what Lyn was thinking of or hoping to portray. And even if you disagree or think that doesn’t look like that or I can’t see that movement or whatever, I think that art should always be provocative and it should, whether it is good, bad or indifferent, produce some kind of emotion and I think these are very emotional images.”

Upon leaving the exhibition there was a real feeling I had connected with Lyn’s soul and now knew a little piece of her through her artwork.

Moving Still is dynamic, unique, inviting and moving.

For Lyn the sky’s the limit. When Moving Still has ended she plans to approach Saatchi to take part in some online galleries.

Moving Still continues at 35 North art gallery. North Street, Brighton, until Sun 30 June 2019.


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