Office desk

Must haves for your home office

When working from home it is important to have all of the things around you that you need. In order to be productive you need to be comfortable and well resourced. There are certain things that every home office needs.


An organised office is a productive office, and this is never more true than when you are working from home. Being buried under papers and files is not conducive to effective working and therefore a range of adequate storage is a must have for your home office. A filing cabinet will help you to keep your paperwork in good order, whilst pen pots and files are a great way to organise the resources that you keep on your desk.

Office chair

A good quality office chair that provides you with neck and back support is essential to any home office. It is important to make sure that you are seated comfortably when working for long periods of time. An ergonomically designed chair will ensure that you are at the right angle when working on your computer and this will prevent you from developing aches and strains as you work. A good, well padded seat is also a must have when it comes to your office chair. You need to ensure that the seat offers a surface area and shape that suits your sitting style and the work that you need to carry out.

Desk lamp

A desk lamp is important when you are working in your home office as it will help to keep the light in the office environment at a good level. Working in low levels of light will result in eye strain as you try to focus on the screen, Eye strain will result in headaches and make working very uncomfortable.

Office desk

An office desk that suits your working needs and style is a must have in any home office. There are now lots of different types of desks on the market, such as height adjustable desks, gaming desks and the minimalist-modern desk that is becoming stylish over the last few years. Your desk needs to fit well into the space that you have available and also needs to suit the work that you carry out. If, for example, you work with large plans of pieces of paper it is important to ensure that you have sufficient space on your desk to spread out your tools and materials. If you have multiple projects and workspaces in use at the same time, you may look at a desk that offers more than one working area – an L shaped desk is a good idea in this situation. Your desk also needs to offer room for storage that suits your needs. Whether that is as simple as box files, or a more involved system involving shelves and drawers, space for your tools and resources to be well organised is essential.


With virtual meetings and calls being used in place of face-to-face interaction, a good quality pair of headphones is a must have in your home office.

Foot rest

When sitting for long periods of time, a foot rest can help to support your knees and joints. A foot rest will also discourage you from crossing your legs; a habit that leads to poor circulation and cramp.

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