Must see shows at Brighton Fringe!

We at BN1 are ready to immerse in the captivating world of Fringe events, where a multitude of remarkable experiences await! Though, with so many options, it can be tough for attendees to choose which events to enjoy. That is why we have gathered up some shows which have enticed us the most, to inspire what you might want to see too.

Chopped Liver & Unions

Welcome to the East End of London, where for centuries the fires of rebellion and change have burned.   In 1888 the Matchgirls strike leads the way in industrial action and the formation of the Trades Union movement, then in 1968 the women of Fords in Dagenham strike, leading to the introduction of equal pay legislation.  Between all of this,  Sara Wesker forms the United Clothing Workers Union, is elected to the Communist Party of Great Britain’s Central Committee and fights at the Battle of Cable Street.  She also just happens to have a nephew who is a famous playwright.  This is her story as written by J.J. Leppink.

Tue 9 May – 14 May, BUBBLE @ The Rotunda Theatre


Beehavioral Problems: Something Something Autism

What’s it like being an autistic person in workplaces that (despite what they claim) don’t really want people to “bee” themselves? Keep it Fringe 2023 Award Winner Stephen Catling brings us a surrealist comedy escapade discussing the dehumanising experience of lab work whilst being other animals. (Warning the show does not feature as many bees as the title implies; this is not a show on bees).

 Fri 19 May – Sun 21 May, BUBBLE @ The Rotunda Theatre



EIGHT by Ella Hickson explores a collective of individuals trapped by a world of excess, political unrest and internal and external strife. Each character exists on the fringes of our society and have very little opportunity to change their circumstances. In many ways Eight relates closely to Newhaven, where Ignite Theatre was founded. A lack of cultural expression denies, particularly young people, a creative outlet, a voice – Eight directly confronts this ever growing issue. Through a series of monologues, each mini-play in Eight will make you laugh, cry, shudder and squirm, as the production lends an ear to those who are unable to be heard.

Thurs 11 May, (ADDED DATE) Fri 12 May and Sat 13 May , The Actors, Brighton


Performances also on Sun 21 May, The Brunswick Hove or Fri 2 June – Sun 4 June, Meeching Hall, Newhaven

That’s Not My Name

That’s Not My Name is a ★★★★★  “Masterpiece of Mess” (Broadway Baby) questioning the ethics of Psychiatry using stand-up, physical theatre and sketch comedy, beelining for Brighton Fringe after hurtling around the London Fringe scene. 75 minutes of BORDERLINE chaos written by emerging performance artist Sammy Trotman will either send you into fits of laughter or an existential crisis, or BOTH. 

Tue 9 – Wed 10 May, or Fri 2 – Sat 3 June, SQUEAK, The Rotunda Theatre


Pericles & Pericles for Autistic individuals and their families

Award-Winning Flute Theatre, led by Artistic Director Kelly Hunter MBE , create and deliver groundbreaking productions of Shakespeare. Kelly Hunter’s adaptation breathes new life into Shakespeare’s least known play. With a multilingual cast onstage throughout; using live music, dance and emotional heartbreak the company conjures storms, kidnaps and resurrections. Shakespeare’s story of love, loss and miraculous reunions, makes this beautiful romantic play a timely experience for all audiences in our modern world.

At 12pm on the below dates, you can alternatively see Pericles for Autistic Individuals. Pericles for autistic individuals and their families is created using Flute’s founder and director Kelly Hunter MBE’s acclaimed Hunter’s Heartbeat method – a series of sensory games which allow participants to share how it feels to be alive and celebrate their identity. This work is a living practice that continues to change and respond to whoever is using it, enabling refugees to engage with the production, along with those autistic individuals.

Tue 23 – Fri 26 May, Caravanserai


Wildcat’s Last Waltz

Move over Dame Jude – there’s a new national treasure in town! A new play written and performed by Joshua Welch. Directed by Kelly Hunter. This bold piece of theatre pierces to the heart of love, life and grief. It is a truly unique theatrical experience. The self-proclaimed ‘Wildcat of Sheffield’ faces the end of her days after the death of her beloved Geoff. With her razor-sharp wit and larger-than-life personality, she looks back on her past, her outrageous youth, falling in love, marriage, motherhood, ageing and loneliness. 

Thurs 18 – Sun 21 May, BUBBLE @ The Rotunda Theatre


Fisherman Jon: What’s at the end of my Rod?

A drag, clown Odyssey.  Fisherman Jon invites you to embark on an epic voyage of self discovery… and self love to find out what is truly on the end of his rod. This character, created by Coral Bevan,  is a lonely fisherman sailing the seas, when one day he falls in love with a Carp. It is a hilarious and beautiful story told by a loveable idiot; teaching us to love the oceans and to also love ourselves. Bevan is a trained actor and comedic clown, who specialises in character comedy.

Sat 20 May and Sat 3 June, The Laughing Horse



Contemporary dance production created in lockdown, reflecting on lockdown. Using dance, video and spoken word to tell the story of the pandemic, the dancers give a moving portrayal of the ups and downs of lockdown life from masks, to vaccines, hand washing, to hugs, be transported back in time to reflect on your own experiences. It was such a tough time – but remember how far we’ve come. The performance provides a beautiful opportunity to share a new experience with those you shared lockdown with. Grandparents, neighbours, those you were collecting shopping for, ringing the doorbell and taking a step back. Foster the relationships you formed in lockdown by sharing this performance with them.

Thurs 25 May – Fri 26 May, Fabrica


Banana Beard

Think it’s a stand-up solo show? Think again. This immersive comedy invites you all on a surreal misadventure of absurdist sketch, untamed thrash metal guitar solos and imaginary costumed personas. Expect high energy, wild storytelling and whimsical uplifting nonsense left right and centre. A wild, offbeat and exciting exploration of stand-up, musical and character comedy, this one-woman show celebrates the human experience of growing up as an immigrant child of South-East Asian descent, born and bred in the treacherous depths of East London.

Sat 20 May – Sun 21 May, The Actors, Brighton



Written and performed by Giullianna Martinez, HóPe makes its debut at the 2023 Brighton Fringe Festival. HóPe follows 2 interwoven storylines: a woman facing her mother’s blood cancer diagnosis and the life of Colombian revolutionary Policarpa Salavarrieta. Whether fighting against illness or oppression, they’re connected by their quest for freedom. A thought provoking piece, at the core of this production is the belief that theatre has the power to heal. HóPe inspires us to reflect on our own meaning of freedom, and the ways in which we are bound. Whether from illness, oppression or fear, freedom can come in many forms. 

HóPe  will have a 4 show run at the Brighton Fringe (May 30-31, June 2-3) at The Lantern Theatre.

Tues 30 May – Weds 31 May, and Fri 2 June – Sat 3 June, The Lantern Theatre


Miss Margarida’s Way

5Go Theatre Co. are delighted to announce that they will be bringing our innovative production of Miss Margarida’s Way by Roberto Athayde. This darkly hilarious satire on dictatorship uses Miss Margarida’s classroom to explore the relationship between the oppressor and the oppressed, with her pupils as her subjects. Miss Margarida bullies, taunts and cajoles. She is an engaging monster – the embodiment of autocracy gone mad.

Fri 2 – Sun 4 June, The Actors, Brighton



Avant-garde singer-composer Guilherme Cosme presents his new show Demon, a dark music visual meditation on mental health through his own experience. The artist aims not only to entertain audiences with his art, but also to promote discussion on mental health and the damages resulted from an aggressive religious upbringing through the album Persephone and the Ghost Brother. The visual projections produced by the artist present elements of contemporary dance choreographed and performed by Irish dancer Aaron Shaw and experimental film inspired by the aesthetics of James Broughton.

Wed 10 May, The Rose Hill

Sat 3 June, The Rotunda Theatre


See the full Caravanserai line-up HERE

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