‘Mustering for Agincourt’, Arundel Castle review

Last weekend saw the historic grounds of Arundel Castle come alive to remember the Battle of Agincourt.

The one-off event called ‘Mustering for Agincourt’ was held at the West Sussex castle to commemorate the 600th anniversary of the battle.

Visitors were transported back to 1415, where King Henry V had laid claim to the Throne of France and was calling upon his English forces to mount an attack on their French counterparts. They were also treated to displays of historic crafts such as archery, falconry and combat.

They could also visit a tented encampment home to 15th century cooks and craftsmen to experience a taste of medieval life.

Members of the Raven Tor Living History Group took up roles including the Earl of Arundel, the knights, archers and men-at-arms and explored the preparations they made before ultimately partaking in the battle. The event also demonstrated the role that Arundel itself played in those key moments.

Photo credit: Victoria Dawe

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