Best of Brighton Fringe: My Father Held a Gun

Award winning storytelling performance My Father Held a Gun comes to Brighton Fringe this May.

A passionate, storytelling show with live cinematic music about war and peace, acts of heroism, and the love for life, My Father Held a Gun was the winner of the Amsterdam Fringe Festival Gold Award 2017.

Iranian Sahebdivani and Israeli Rodan combine a great sense of humor with the urge to tell sincere and meaningful stories. By trying to answer the question “why do men make war?” They take their audience on a trip through space and time.

“A great show, a hopeful plea for peace” (Het Parool, September 2017)

“When they start telling a story, the audience is listening so quietly that you could hear a pin drop” **** (Theaterkrant)

Sahand Sahebdivani & Raphael Rodan – Storytellers/actors

Guillermo Celano & Iman Spaargaren – Music/compositions

Vasile Nedelcu – Director

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