Mystery benefactor donates £10,000 to Academy of Creative Training

The Academy of Creative Training Drama School, Brighton has received a generous donation from a local well known public figure. This will provide the funding for one lucky student’s two year Diploma in Acting course 2015-2016 usually worth £10,000! The benefactor was so impressed with the work of the school, and the opportunities it has given to its graduates, that they decided to reward the school with this special grant. Recent graduates of the school have gone on to appear in Emmerdale, Game of Thrones, Parades End, Call The Midwife and Sherlock, and appear regularly on stage at The National Theatre, The Old Vic and The Royal Court. The two year diploma course is for anyone over the age of 18, and classes are run in the evenings so that it fits around family and work commitments.

Despite the success of former students, who have gone on to work in the West End and on national film and TV, Principle Janette Eddisford was absolutely shocked to receive the donation. ‘We were still astonished to be approached by this person and their generosity. When we were offered the scholarship fund we really couldn’t believe it. So many people miss out on fulfilling their life long dreams because of financial constraints and this will hopefully change that for one person’.

Although the school has an existing bursary which helps those most in need, the additional place now available is an added bonus. Auditions for the Scholarship are open to anyone over 18 years, and will be held Sun 2 Aug with re-calls the same day. See The Academy of Creative Training site for more details.


Image provided by The Academy of Creative Training

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