Myths and Truths on How to Get Rid of Your Headache

Is it true that a headache comes instantly if you don’t drink your regular coffee in the morning? And does ordinary painkillers perhaps make the headache even worse? There are numerous myths and legends about headaches – and what actually helps to cure them. Some neurologist doctors at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Sweden therefore answers some questions on a couple of myths concerning headaches:

You can not cure the headache by itself?

FALSE: Training has proven to be good for reducing both migraine and different headache tensions. The training helps for headaches; but often you don’t get  completely free from your troubles. When it comes to migraines, exercise can sometimes even be be a trigger, so in this case begin with small careful exercise, like working your fingers over your temples, figuring out a easier conundrum, or maybe try some fun games like casino online – this could be the way to go, if you like to try it out.

If you take headache pills too often, it can lead to chronic headaches?

TRUE: The risk for drug-induced headache is greater if you take common painkillers more often, like every third day, or migraine medicine more than every other day. This type of headache is most common for tension headaches and migraines.

You can get a headache if you don’t get your daily dose of coffee?

TRUE: When you are awake the substance adenosine is collected in the brain and caffeine counteracts the tiring effect of it. Adenosine dilates vessels in the brain and caffeine constrict them. If you are used to coffee and don’t receive it, adenosine will to dilate your blood vessels more than regularly – and this gives you a headache.

The Headache subsides when you drink water?

TRUE: But only the headaches that are caused by dehydration.

If you have a headache every day, it is migraine?

FALSE: You can have both chronic migraines and chronic headaches; which means that you have head pain more than every other day. The headache is probably due to increased sensitivity to pain in muscles and soft tissues outside the skull. Migraines are caused by the mechanisms inside the brain –  leading to pain sensitivity in the cerebral membrane.

Only adults get headaches?

FALSE: Even kids and teens often get headaches. In studies, one in four teens have headaches at least once a week. Migraine symptoms may occur as early as age three.

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