Celebrate World Cocktail Day with the city’s best bars

What better way to spend this weekend than enjoying the delicious tastes of summer at some of the city’s best cocktail bars?

With World Cocktail Day coming this Sunday, L’Atelier Du Vin, The Salt Room and more have come up with some brilliant recipes to be tried at home, with the former inviting guests down to try two for £12 cocktails to celebrate this special cocktail-dedicated day.

Read on for all the best offers in the city – and some amazing cocktail ideas.

L’Atelier Du Vin – two cocktails for £12

Brighton’s newest prohibition cocktail & wine bar is celebrating World Cocktail Day by offering all Sunday guests two cocktails for £12, making it the perfect occasion to get cosy in their North Laine hideaway.

The Rheum

Rhubarb cocktail LDV
If you want to try a cocktail at home, Bar Manager Giuseppe Mannino has created the ‘Rheum’. Named after the Latin word for rhubarb, it’s a fruity and refreshing cocktail, with a touch of chamomile.


30ml rye whiskey

30ml rhubarb purée

15 ml lemon juice

2 dashes of chamomile bitter

Soda water (to top up)

Method: Add the ingredients to the cocktail shaker and give it a good shake. Pour into a long glass and top up with soda water.

Isaac At’s cocktail favourites

Big supporters of our amazing Sussex produce, Alex Preston (Sommelier at Isaac At) shares a couple of recipes that showcase his favourite local drinks.

Brighton Gin & Beetroot Juice Isaac At

The Brighton Beet-ch

Alex has blended a measure of Brighton Gin over ice, with his bespoke Beetroot, Pear and Apple Juice, all made from locally sourced produce. Finished with an apple garnish, the Gin’s Botanicals add an extra depth to the humble juice.


25ml Brighton Gin

Equal quantities of beetroot, pear and apple juice

Method: Add the gin to a tumbler over ice and fill the glass with your juice mix. 


The English Rose
Created by local vineyard Albourne Estate to celebrate the launch of their Vermouth, the English Rose is perfect for a warm day in Sussex.


50ml 40 Vermouth

25ml Brighton Gin

150ml Regency Tonic

A splash of Rose Water

Sugar Syrup to taste (optional)

Method: Measure all ingredients into a large glass filled with ice and stir well. Large wine glasses work well for this cocktail.

The Disappearing Dining Club

Back running the Lazy Bird Kitchen at this year’s Love Supreme festival in Sussex, the Disappearing Dining Club will be showing festival goers how they do dining.

The Monte Boulevardier

To celebrate World Cocktail Day, the Disappearing Dining Club share an old-fashioned cocktail recipe, their take on the Monte Boulevardier, which is a bourbon Negroni


45ml Four Roses Bourbon

30ml Campari

30ml Amaro Montenegro (from Italy)

Method: Add to a glass over ice and stir

The Salt Room

The Salt Room cocktail master, Julien Billet shares his recipe for the “Sweet Pea”.


The Sweet Pea


45ml Sugar Snap infuse East London Liquor Company gin

20ml Fresh Lime juice

5ml Gomme syrup

5ml Green Chartreuse

Top Up with Dry Prosecco


Choose a glass and add a smoked paprika rim.

Put all the ingredients inside a shaker (except the prosecco),

Shake & Strain in a tall glass with ice and top up with prosecco

Garnish with Pea Shoots and serve without a straw.

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