National Hot Dog Day at The Dog Haus, Patterns

If you haven’t tried one of the incredible carnivorous creations by The Dog Haus at Patterns yet, this Thursday comes with perhaps the greatest excuse of all: National Hot Dog Day.

Unfasten your belts, unbutton those trousers and get ready – this Sat 23 Jul is all about consuming as many bread rolls and sausages as possible. Long gone are the days of cheap wieners slopped into a dry bun with mushy onions and too-salty ketchup; The Dog Haus serves up deliciously mutant alternatives that give the food a whole new definition. They’re bright, full of flavour, and they give a savoury antidote to what’s coming to be known across the city as “peak burger” (put that in your bun and eat it).

Of course, when an establishment celebrates the hotdog so vehemently, there has to be something special for National Hot Dog Day. Joining the incredible Acid Haus and Hound Dog are five new additions to the menu…

the dog haus korean

‘The Korean Pork Belly King’ (limited edition) is no ordinary hound. On his polished brioche throne sits this juicy chargrilled pork frank, topped with a crown of sesame seed crusted, twice-cooked pork belly, draped in smokey Korean BBQ sauce, and decorated with a refreshing garnish of smacked cucumber, coriander, and pickled red onion. Available from 18th-24th July only.

‘Pork Favor!’

Impromptu jaunts to the sunny climes of Spain could well soon be off the cards for us Brits, so embrace ‘Costa Del Brighton’ with The Dog Haus’ Spanish tapas-inspired dog. A flame grilled spicy beef sausage is smothered in a spicy tomato bravas sauce, topped with crispy sweet potato, aioli and roasted peanuts.

The Waldorf Wonder’

They haven’t gone barking mad at The Dog Haus – pork and pears are a match made in heaven! This classy dog is inspired by the classic American Waldorf salad. A pork frank is topped with juicy grilled pear slices, pickled celery, blue cheese mayo and toasted walnuts. Fruity.

‘Dead Beet Dog’

“A hot dog with no meat?!” Hush your chops and get them around this meat-less delight. This heavenly veggie frank is topped with avocado, beetroot and mascarpone puree, rocket and basil salad.

Waiter, There’s a Sausage in My Salad!’

Hailing from the shores of Chicago USA, this hum-dinger of a summery salad is filling, healthy and full of sausage! Just the way all salads should be. Chunks of juicy chargrilled frank are tossed with lettuce, radicchio, pickled apple, red onion, sun-dried tomatoes, and ricotta cheese with a honey and mustard dressing.

With a diverse programme of arts, music and cultural events to reflect the eccentric culture of Brighton itself, Patterns has blossomed (in little over a year!) into one of the city’s most vibrant multi-use spaces, adding National Hot Dog Day to its already-bulging list of celebrations.


The Dog Haus celebrates National Hot Dog Day on Sat 23 Jul.

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