New Music – Hot Moth

Straight out of Brighton, Hot Moth are an alt-rock three-piece, who’ve brought together diverse influences to create something a bit special.

Together for just over a year, their delicate balance of huge riffs, memorable beats and catchy vocals has manifested itself in their debut EP. It offers shades of Biffy Clyro, RX Bandits, Oceansize and Mars Volta, with an instantly accessible edge.

Hot Moth’s passionate and upfront sound makes them stand out from an already crowded local music scene, something which is drawing in plenty of fans on the live circuit. If you want to catch them soon, then check out their show with Knifeworld at Brighton’s The Green Door Store, on Weds 11 May.

Combining the complexities of math-rock with an upbeat pop sensibility, they’ve forged their own unique style. It seems ludicrous, but it just seems to coalesce into something wonderful.

Hot Moth support Knifeworld at Brighton’s The Green Door Store, on Weds 11 May, 2016. Their debut EP ‘Small Fires’ is available now, via Bandcamp.

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