New Minute Bundles with Beryl Bikes around Brighton

Beryl BTN Bike riders can now save money by paying for their journeys up to a year in advance by using the new Minute Bundle offer.

Available through the Beryl app, the offer allows riders to buy 100 minutes for £15, but waives the £1 unlock fee every time they ride. It’s designed to help make sustainable transport even more affordable.

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The Minute Bundles can also be used any time within 12 months of purchase, which maximises convenience and flexibility for customers.

The offer runs alongside existing payment options, including the Pay As You Ride tariff as well as the 30-Day, 7-Day and 2-Day Passes. Between Monday 15 April and Sunday 28 April inclusive, the Beryl BTN pedal bikes will also be free to use between midnight and 10am to all registered users. Offer not available on Beryl BTN e-bikes

The Beryl Annual Rider Report for 2023 showed that convenience and cost were the two most important factors to riders when deciding whether or not to use the Beryl BTN Bikes scheme. Of all the Beryl riders asked in Brighton, 97% said convenience and 92% said cost was either somewhat important or very important to them when using Beryl BTN Bikes. 

The Rider Report data also showed that, of the riders asked in Brighton that said there was a barrier to riding more often, cost was the most common reason and cited by 63%. Of those that had signed up to use Beryl but had not yet taken a ride, 47% said that the cost was the barrier to them taking their first ride. 

Beryl CEO and co-founder, Phil Ellis, said: “Our schemes are all about breaking down the barriers to active travel and encouraging as many people as possible out of their cars and onto two wheels.

“By doing this we get people more active, improving mental and physical health across the area, while also contributing towards reducing traffic congestion and cutting the amount of carbon emissions. 

“To encourage people to adopt more sustainable travel habits, we need to ensure our schemes are delivered in the best and most user-friendly way possible. We listen to our riders and know, from speaking directly to them, just how much value they place on the cost-effectiveness and convenience of our bikes and e-bikes.

“When compared to private car ownership in particular, our BTN Bikes remove the costs associated with fuel, parking, insurance, maintenance, storage, tax and MOT – a significant saving in the current economic climate.”


Since the Beryl BTN Bikes scheme launched on Friday 31 March 2023, it has been very well received. The bikes have generated over 140,000 journeys across more than 460,000km – the equivalent of around 11.5 journeys around the Earth. 

According to direct feedback from riders, around 35,000 of these journeys have directly replaced car, van, taxi or motorbike journeys. According to industry calculations, this has saved nearly five tonnes of carbon emissions – a significant contribution to reducing traffic congestion and improving regional air quality. 

With the launch of the Minute Bundle, along with the warmer weather and longer days on the horizon, now could be an excellent time to give the BTN Bikes a try according to Phil. 

“We design and build our own bikes right here in the UK. That gives us autonomy over their quality and comfort, so we know they’re accessible and good to ride. 

“Riders in Brighton also have the option of e-bikes, a really fun and versatile way to travel. Their extra power can really open up areas, enabling riders to tackle hills and undertake longer journeys. They’re also great for commuting, allowing people to arrive at work clean and ready to go, and for carrying heavier loads such as shopping.”

The Beryl BTN Bikes scheme is operated by Beryl in partnership with Brighton and Hove City Council. 

A B-Corp registered company, Beryl is recognised for meeting exceptional standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. 

Beryl also designs and assembles its own products and industry-leading technology in the UK. This contributes to national industry by creating jobs, apprenticeships and opportunities and maintains Beryl’s autonomy over the quality and durability of its products. It also removes the need for mass transportation from abroad, reducing the company’s carbon footprint. 


You can hire a Beryl e-bike through the Beryl app, available for free download on the App Store for iOS, and the Google Play Store for Android users. 

Once you have registered, simply use the app to find your nearest bike, tap to unlock it and off you go!

When you’re finished, make sure you park up in one of our designated Beryl bays and get on with the rest of your day. During the first phase, bikes must be returned to active bays. You may incur a charge if bikes are left at bays which are currently not in use.

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