New Shows at The Attenborough Centre

It seems that not enough people are yet aware of the newly renovated Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts, on the University of Sussex campus, so we wanted to draw your attention for a couple of their shows.

World Factory

Firstly, METIS’s latest interactive theatre show, arrives in Brighton next week (Nov 15-18). 

Considering that adults make approximately 35,000 decisions per dayWorld Factory focusses on concrete, real­time decisions based on real­world stories. Through a scenario­based card game; audience members become factory managers of a Chinese clothing factory, where they must reckon with what success looks like, while considering profits, products and workers. The work was developed with a research process lasting four years, which saw the team visit factories and produce their own shirt. 

World Factory interweaves real­life accounts of mass production ­ both here and abroad ­ with a moving score, video and live performance. It aims to show those coming to see the show that everyday consumption is part of a dynamic but brutal system called global capitalism. 

Kissing the Shotgun Goodnight

 ktsg_cbb_lowres-portrait_image-credit-nathan-hosteChristopher Brett Bailey brings Kissing the Shotgun Goodnight to Brighton on November 24 – recommended for those with an aural fixation and a love of theatre, a neo-noir fever dream and a 120 decibel suicide note.
A gleeful howl from the armpits of hell, Bailey’s words deliver a linguistic kaleidoscope of caustic cartoons, crackpot prophesies and demented erotica, a panorama of humanity in tatters, of a diseased society at war with itself, blown-out, bloated and tumbling towards a million nauseating climaxes. A giddy cocktail of impotent violence and frantic, frantic sex, an auto-destructive shaggy dog story, a nocturnal meditation crooned into the swollen abyss, and a radical No! to life. A dense, poetic blend of the hallucinogenic and the hardboiled, all set to a warped collision of haunting musics and ear-popping noise. A sumptuous, cinematic melting pot of psycho-acoustic trickery, futurist soundscaping and dark psychedelia.

Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts
University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton, BN1 9RA

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