Shelley Conn as Beelzebub in Good Omens Season 2

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Weds 12 July, Apple TV+ 

This genre-bending murder-mystery returns for a second season, with a new crime to solve and a new setting to rampage through. each episode of this hilarious farce explores the narrative through the eyes of a different character and using a different cinema genre.

This time, a wedding is ruined when the groom is murdered… and every guest is now a suspect. Detective Danner (played by the brilliant Tiffany Haddish) returns to help Aniq (Sam Richardson) and Zoë (Zoë Chao) solve whodunnit by questioning family members, star-crossed lovers and business partners, and hearing each suspect’s retelling of the weekend, each with their own unique perspective and visual style.


Fri 14 July, Apple Tv+

Based on the award-winning novels by Isaac Asimov, this monumental sci-fi show finds Man kind going through an existential crisis. As the Galactic Empire starts to become unstable, a small band of exiled scientists embark upon a monumental journey to save humanity from extinction.

Now, more than a century after the first season’s finale, tension mounts throughout civilised space. A vengeful queen is plotting to destroy the old order from within, a colony of Mentalics with psionic abilities are impacting the delicate balance psychohistory and the titular Foundation has entered a religious phase, – promulgating the Church of Seldon throughout the Outer Reach and inciting a war with the Empire. 


Photo by: Christian Black/Hulu

Fri 14 July, Lionsgate+

Season three of this historical epic sees Catherine (Elle Fanning) and Peter (Nicholas Hoult) attempt to make their marriage work after some seemingly insurmountable problems. Rather inconveniently, Peter has survived a murder attempt by his wife, and she’s imprisoned his closest allies. Unsurprisingly, he’s not happy with the position he’s landed in. There’s also visions of his late father (Jason Isaacs) taunting him about all of his failures.

On the other side of the bed, Catherine  is gaining influence overseas. She also starts to form a new vison for Russia. Along the way, she starts to realise that even the greatest leaders  have to make a few compromises to get the job done.


Fri 14 July, Prime Video 

We’re getting a second sojourn with the residents of Cousins Beach this month, as this idyllic-looking coming-of-age drama returns. Based on Jenny Han’s popular young adult book trilogy, we follow Belly (Lola Tung), a young woman holidaying with family friends over the summer.

Last season, we saw our protagonist head to a gorgeous beach house again, hoping this summer will be the one when the two boys (one moody and misunderstood, the other an upbeat party-head) will finally stop seeing her as just a little kid. While romance blossomed, there were also a few complications. Now, Belly, Conrad and Jeremiah return for another summer, but there’s a few adjustments to be made.


Shelley Conn as Beelzebub

Weds 28 July, Prime Video 

A fun and frothy adaptation of the classic collaboration between iconic authors Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. This fantasy comedy sees the End Times triggered by the birth of the son of Satan. While all might seem lost, the angel Aziraphale and the demon Crowley are attempting to sabotage the proposed events – simply because they’re grown quite comfortable living in England.

Thankfully, the proposed Antichrist was having none of heavy expectations placed upon him. But don’t’ celebrate just yet. The world could still be turned upside down. Gabriel has left Heaven, worried something terrible is about to happen on Earth. Aziraphale and Crowley now struggle to shield him from danger, as another terrible battle looms.


Photo by Felipe Hernandez/Netflix © 2022

Fri 28 July, Netflix

After finding plenty of acclaim with their production of Valeria, Netflix again turn to Elísabet Benavent. They create another seductive snapshot of fascinating characters finding themselves at a crossroads in life. Starring Ingrid García-Jonsson (My Heart Goes Boom!, The Little Switzerland), Anna Castillo (El Olivo, Estoy Vivo) and Álvaro Mel, this Spanish-language limited series offers a thoroughly engaging romantic drama. 

Margot and David come from very different worlds. She is the heiress to a hotel empire. He has to work three jobs just to make ends meet. When their paths come together, they realise that only they can help each other win back the love of their lives.

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