New Zealand

New Zealand: When Should You Visit and What Should You Do?

New Zealand is a country of rich variety, from its incredible natural beauty to its thriving cities. The North Island and South Island make up the main landmasses, although the 600 or so smaller islands make for some fascinating exploration opportunities. 

When Is the Best Time to Visit New Zealand?

The time of year that you choose to visit New Zealand can make a big difference to your experience there. December to February is the time to visit if you want to go in summer. However, the weather is far from tropical – picture something closer to summer in the UK rather than southern Spain!

As well as providing the best weather (and because of it), December to February is peak tourism season in New Zealand. Overseas visitor numbers in December 2018 hit 529,255, according to this overview of tourism statistics. Many domestic tourists also take their holidays during the summer months, meaning that accommodation can be hard to find, attractions are busier, and prices are higher.


Source: Pixabay

By contrast, international visitor numbers in June 2019 stood at just 213,536. With fewer than half the number of tourists in New Zealand, visitors have far more choice over where they stay and a much quieter (and often cheaper) experience of tourist hotspots. The pay-off is the winter climate, although this is a bonus for those who like to ski, with ski season running from June to the first week in October.

Those looking to balance the seasonal crowds with risking bad weather might find spring (September to November) or autumn (March to May) a good compromise; this season’s overview site has further details

What Is There to Do in New Zealand?

New Zealand offers an incredible array of attractions and experiences. Winter visitors can find great skiing at Queenstown, Wanaka and Mount Hutt on the South Island, and the Whakapapa and Turoa ski areas on the North Island.

Summer visitors, meanwhile, are spoiled for choice when it comes to superb beaches, which can make for an affordable way to while away the days. Hiring a boat or kayak and exploring the inlets and deserted islands of the Bay of Islands at your leisure makes for an unforgettable experience. Digging a hole on Hot Water Beach to create your own personal spa pool is also not to be missed.

Visitors looking for adventure can do everything from climbing volcanic islands to hurtling down rocks and sand dunes on bodyboards (try the Rere Rock Slide for the former and 90-mile Beach for the latter).

Source: Pixabay

New Zealand also has much to offer those looking for a city break. Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown all provide a host of delights, as do many smaller regional cities. Sipping elegant cocktails at a casino makes for a great night out and there is a thriving online casino sector if the weather is so bad that you opt for an evening in. This review site has everything you need should that be the case, from the latest online casino bonuses to details of exclusive promos.

During the day, city life in New Zealand offers a wealth of opportunities for retail therapy, as well as an abundance of dining options. Opt for hangi, crayfish, kiwi burgers and hokey pokey ice cream to experience some of the islands’ most traditional flavours. And don’t forget to sample some of the world’s finest wines while you’re there!

New Zealand is a country that cannot help but charm. Spend as much time as you can explore this incredible country in order to discover all that it has to offer!

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