Eight places to find vegan fast food in Brighton

Whether you are doing Veganuary, or just want to try something new, here are nine (vegan) fast food restaurants in Brighton


https://www.thevurgerco.com/ @thevurgerco

The Vurger Co was established in Shoreditch in 2016 as a small market stall with the ambition of making accessible food for all. Since then, they have won awards for their vegan menu including the Marie Claire most sustainable fast-food brand of the year so Brighton is very lucky to be one of their four venues. Amongst their menu you can find meat alternatives for a BBQ pork or crispy chicken ‘vurger’. As well as their mouth watering and innovative vegan burgers, you can find salad bowls, or an impeccable array of sides from Mac n cheese to tater tots, all of which are also gluten free. And, if you’ve got room, you can get a milkshake for dessert (including banoffee or biscotti flavours) and you can add a shot of whisky or rum just to prove that vegan food can be far from boring. If you can’t go a day without thinking of this treat, The Vurger Co also has a Vegan cookbook to inspire and instruct your vegan recipes at home.


https://ooweevegan.com/ @oowee_vegan

Brand new to Brighton this Winter came Oowee, which offers the same authentic feeling of indulging in real grubby fast-food, but just so happens to be vegan. While their menu is a choice of either plant-based beef burger, or fried chicken burger, there are a whole fourteen different variations to choose from. The Symple Sneaky is simply patty, lettuce, gherkins or sauce whereas The Big Oovee is packed with a thick plant-based beef patty, dirty sauce, American cheese, hash brown, crispy fried onions, gherkins & lettuce. Personally, I can’t stop thinking about their marmite butter fries, or their Clucking Waffle Fries: Waffle Fries topped with American style gravy, mozzarella, fried chick’n & spring onions. I’m curious to try that popcorn shake too….


https://whatthepitta.com @whatthepitta

If you’re a vegan living in Brighton, you’re bound to know about What the Pitta! “Home of the original Vegan Doner Kebab”. Cem was a meat eater, but when he lamented the lack of vegan kebabs, he decided to invent it himself. With the help of Roj’s Uncle’s secret recipe which was very popular back in Germany, they transferred the delicious flavours of a vegan doner from his shop in Freiburg to The Pump in Shoreditch. The family franchise won Best Vegan Caterer at Vegfest Awards 2018 and Best London Takeaway at the Kebab Awards 2020 (the first EVER vegan winner). The Brighton store on East Street seats thirty people inside, but is also ready to order on Deliveroo. Available in Brighton, Camden and Manchester only, you can enjoy the ‘beer and bab’ meal deal: a signature doner wrap (specially spiced soya pieces in a freshly made bread wrap with mixed salad, humous, tzatziki and jalapeno peppers) with a beer of choice for just £12.95.


https://www.flowerburger.co.uk/stores/flower-burger-brighton-2/ @flowerburger_uk

Flower Burger

More than just a fast-food burger, a Flower Burger is a joyous innovation which was born in Milan in 2015. The buns are flavoured with turmeric or cherry and beetroot extract to give the bread colourful shades of yellow or lilac. It is nothing like you would have seen before, amazing its customers and matching the hippie-design of this restaurant’s interiors. Choose between a mushroom patty, oat and red bean patty, seitan and red kidney patty, barley and seitan BBQ patty or a classic chickpea patty. With burgers named Smoky Butterfuly or Jungle BBQ, Flower Burger is fun and evidently experimental with its flavours. Plus, there are only two stores in the UK, (as well as one in Italy, one in Amsterdam, and one in Marseille) so this restaurant is a real privilege to have here in Brighton. It is however more expensive than your typical take-out, but it is fast food of restaurant quality, worth the cost if you want a pretty Instagram shot to go along with your dinner too!


On Deliveroo: https://deliveroo.co.uk/menu/brighton/brighton/veganout

VeganOut is a takeaway restaurant with flavours that will transport you to South Asia, while remaining 100% vegan. They have all your favourite Pan-Asian flavours from Teryaki noodles to pad thai, chow mein and coconut curry. All dishes are either with vegetables, tofu, or their ‘Chicken-less’ meat alternative. There are meal deals for one (£16.90), two (£31.90) or four (£45.90) people, well worth browsing for next time you fancy an Asian take-out with this healthier twist. Amongst the sides, the steamed veggie gyozas are a popular choice, but the spicy crispy tofu sounds delicious too. Add VeganOut to your Veganuary experience.


http://welovefalafel.co.uk/about-us/ @welovefalafel

If you have walked through the lanes, you would have seen how popular We Love Falafel is. With affordable falafel wraps which are super fresh everytime you order one, you will understand why it is a vegan favourite. There is a choice between the original falafel, sweet potato or beetroot falafel and the wraps themselves are stuffed with delicious ingredients: houmous, marinated red cabbage, smoked tofu, mustard tahini, jalapenos, and more, or you can add halloumi or cheddar for a vegetarian option. Don’t fancy a wrap? Try the immense flavours through a salad box instead. A classic wrap is £4.50 – the absolute perfect lunch to grab and wander through the lanes with. Sharon (owner), believes she has absolutely cracked the code for the best herb to chickpea ratio, but you will just have to find out for yourself whether that is true or not. Keep your eyes peeled for click and collect coming soon.


https://purezza.co.uk/ @purezza

Purezza prides itself in being the UK’s first entirely vegan restaurant. They boast that their menu is not just plant-based, but also environmentally-conscious and passionate about sustainability. There are now five Purezza restaurants in the UK but the revolution was born in Brighton, using plant-based cheese and wholegrain sourdough for their delicious pizzas. The brand-new small plates menu has also recently launched in Brighton, featuring smaller lunch and breakfast pizzas, sausage and egg or salmon and cream cheese ciabatta, spaghetti, meatballs, salad and more. This new menu is perfect to share; you can get three dishes for just £18! And it is ALL vegan! As if this is not enough to impress, Purezza work with local independent businesses including Brighton Gin and the tables and chairs are made of reclaimed wood sourced from the Brighton Wood Store. There are gluten free options, there are two for £12 cocktails all day, everyday with the purchase of any food, and Purezza are available on Deliveroo or to click and collect. Honestly, why would you say no? 
Read more about how Purezza are keeping sustainable here: https://purezza.co.uk/sustainable-restaurant-group-uk/


https://www.nocatch.co/ @thenocatchco

Did you know that you can get vegan fish and chips? That’s right, this English classic from The No Catch Co. has an ethical twist which means we can reduce the amount of fish we are taking from the ocean, revolutionising the seafood industry. The alternative is a high protein soy substitute to emulate battered cod, but there is also smoked haddock, popcorn prawnz and calamari to try. Find The No Catch Co at Kings Road on Brighton Seafront and find out why they believe the future is vegan, ensuring no one has to miss out on the best cuisine. On their website you can also find plenty of facts and information about how much the seafood industry is damaging oceans alongside how and why we can change that.

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