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Shake, Tear, Pour, Brown Gold

Ready-to-Drink Cocktails Have Become Premium, Environmental-Friendly, and Fuss-Free for Party Hosts

NIO really knows what customers need during the seemingly never-ending pandemic – a high-end, classic cocktail that can transport us straight back to the stylish nights of having a drink at a dimly lit bar.

Founded in the middle of the pandemic, cocktail enthusiasts and businessmen Luca and Alessandro made use of the exceptional taste and expertise of their mixologist Patrick Pistolesi, to recreate classic, ready-to-savour cocktails.

Premium spirits and mixers, premixed in golden ratios, tightly sealed in a pouch, and posted through our letterbox in a thin, CD-case-like, paper box. All 100% recyclable, of course.

Effortless adventure in cocktail-land

NIO kindly sent us a selection of 6 cocktails, and on a sunny Friday afternoon, we drank them on our office’s terrace overlooking the beautiful Brighton sea. Not too shabby, huh.

Not only does the packaging sparks the interests of our Boris-permitted-six party guests, but it also made our editor-in-chief an effortless great host.

Anyone who had attempted this before will know that cocktail-making is a tricky art. Especially if you try to do it from scratch at home, the kitchen cupboard will soon be filled with various questionable bottles that almost resemble the potion classroom of Professor Snape.

Alcohol is magic.

Nio Cocktails
Our NIO Cocktail selection pack

Drinks that sparked my imagination

For this beautiful evening, we started with Gin and Whiskey Sours, followed by Negroni and Old Fashioned, and ended the night with liquid desserts – Espresso Martini and Daquiri. A six-course tasting menu, all household names.

The instructions were simple enough, shake it, tear it, and pour it over ice. Garnish is optional, and I recommend using a lot of ice because NIO is generous and heavy-handed, just how the Italians like it, I guess.

I was skeptical because these are seriously classic cocktails that took brands decades to master. The risk felt too high for me, but I reached for my go-to, Negroni, anyways.

Negroni might look harmless, as orange as an Aperol Spritz, but it is not for the faint-hearted. All ingredients are pure alcohol – Tanquery Gin, Cocchi vermouth, Campari. But that’s just the foundation, the difficult bit is which and how much bitters to use, and NIO has nailed it. Smooth, complex, and sophisticated, it felt like I was kissing a hot man in his Ferrari as and when he was driving along the Italian Riviera. Dangerous, do not attempt outside of daydreams.

Must add to your order: Brown Gold

But my absolute favourite among these whimsical CDs was Brown Gold – a NIO-take on whiskey sour. So much so that I don’t think an NIO package is complete without it.

The masculine Bulleit Bourbon was rounded off by coffee and vanilla liqueurs, and the acidity was spot-on. I am a libra, I like balance, and harmony was found in this liquid gold.

When can I go to Italy?

I don’t know. As I sat on the terrace looking at the sun setting over the West Pier of Brighton, I felt grateful. At least things are opening again, at least I have a social bubble of six to drink with.

The pandemic taught me that a good party is about meaningful connections and great conversations. I want to spend all my waking moments listening to my friends talking, hugging and loving them, and NIO Cocktails spare me from getting stressed and frustrated as a party host and truly embrace the presence of my friends.

Shake, tear, pour, Brown Gold.

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Written by Priscilla Yeung

Priscilla drinking NIO Cocktails


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