Norwegian duo Apothek play The Haunt

Norwegian duo Apothek will be joining pop wunderkind Susanne Sundfor on tour this month, including a date at Brighton’s The Haunt on Mon 26 Oct. Fresh from a beyond-capacity showcase at Norway’s renowned Øya Festival, this genesis continues with debut single ‘Family’ seeing release in December, platforming a sound that could arguably only exist today.

But beyond the cropped rhythms and synthetic symphonies, there’s a sense of classic melody that feels strangely inherent. Apothek’s pairs the freewheeling spontaneity of singer/songwriter Morten Myklebust with the more premeditative musings of producer Nils Martin Larsen. It’s a union of celebrated synthesis and one that straddles the divide between electronic and organic. Lyrically speaking, ‘Family’ recites random states of consciousness – observing the dysfunctional, and at times destructive, quandary of family life.

Though still in their musical infancy, the Oslo-based duo sit alongside some of Norway’s finest, having collaborated with experimental jazz supergroup Jaga Jazzist and played their first ever live shows with pop wunderkind Susanne Sundfør. ‘Family’ is taken from Apothek’s forthcoming debut album, slated for release in 2016 via Propeller Recordings.

Apothek support Susanne Sundfor at Brighton’s The Haunt on Mon 26 Oct.

Their debut single ‘Family’ is also set to release on December 4th 2015,

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