Octopus Alchemy to tackle Sussex food waste

Brighton-based Octopus Alchemy is crowd-funding to ‘Transform Food Waste into Superfood’ as part of an innovative new scheme to tackling food waste across Brighton and Hove.

This food and health education project is launching the crowd-funding campaign at on Sun 15 Nov, in conjunction with the zero-waste restaurant Silo and The Real Junk Food Project. The campaign’s launch event will take place at Silo on Upper Gardner Street, Brighton.

Octopus Alchemy is looking to secure new equipment so food waste can be turned into a more nutritious product which will then be sold, while also lending support to the development of a new online portal for education and resources. Surplus vegetables will be transformed into the end product via fermentation at the twice-monthly workshops run by Octopus Alchemy at Silo. Income generated will go towards supporting the work carried out by these three food projects, which are working to bring exciting change to Brighton’s food culture.

The launch event is to be run on a donation basis and will be a three-hour interactive workshop on the art and politics of fermented foods and other techniques of food preparation that Darren Ollerton, founder of Octopus Alchemy, describes as being “profoundly nourishing, but sadly lost to our contemporary food culture.”

“This collaborative effort will mean a creative reinterpretation of the problem of waste [food] which will help support and resource our mutual projects,” Ollerton said. “…not to mention taking the local community along with it on a rollercoaster of reeducation around health and the natural magic of our food.”

Octopus Alchemy launches the crowd-funding for its ‘Transform Food Waste into Superfood’ campaign with an event at Silo on Upper Gardner Street, at 6.30pm Sun 15 Nov, in conjunction with Silo and The Real Junk Food Project.


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