Octopuses come to Green Door Store

‘It’s a long way down to the bottom of the ocean’ begins the first track of Octopuses debut offering, ‘Yes Please’, and this sounds more like an invitation than a statement from the Brighton five-piece. Not a band to shy away from nautical puns and plays on words, Octopuses have been flexing their creative tentacles since surfacing in 2012, and are now preparing for the release of their debut on Lick Records.

With its swaggering bassline and synth-drenched soundscape, album opener ‘Cool Story Bro’ has been championed by DJs from Radio Reverb, BBC 6 Music and others in between. The song is laced with trepidation, which is reflected in its opening lyric, but a late addition of brass and glockenspiel gives it a jubilant lift reminiscent of The Leisure Society or Beirut.

And from here on in, the album is more of the joyful same. It is clear from tongue-in-cheek tracks such as the bluesy ‘Not My Dog’ and the playful ‘Bouncy Castle’ that this is a band who do what they do for the pure fun of it.

Their songs may be inspired by dreams and Buzzfeed articles, but there is still an undertone of profundity in some Octopuses tracks such as ‘Not The Bees’. ‘I wish that I could so something, we’re gonna die because we can’t pollinate anything’ the vocalist professes wildly about ‘the declining populous of bees’ with urgent Supergrass keys and the vocal intonations of Madness.

There’s a heady hint of ‘House of Fun’ on ‘Pogo’, a breathless tale of a drunken night out that is guaranteed to incite a good old Cockney knees-up from audiences. And fans will have a chance to do just that when the band launch ‘Yes Please’ at The Green Door Store on Thurs 29 Oct. Costing ‘ten squid’, each ticket will get you a copy of the album as well as entry, to see Seadog, Prince Vaseline and MC Fashion as well as the main event.


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