oh sees review

Oh Sees return to Brighton this month with new material and a new name

Titularly dynamic San Fran-based experimental rockers Oh Sees are building anticipation for a new album – their 21st – Smote Reverser, which is to be released next month. In the meantime, the band is on tour – in fully-greased, anvil on a balance beam, gut-pleasingly heavy form – nimbly braining with equal dashes of abandon and menace on this fresh batch of songs, hypnotically stirred into to the cauldron of chaos you’ve come to expect from this band.

Over the course of several releases and genre transitions, the band has become noted for their prolific discography, energetic live shows and whimsical visual aesthetic. They’ve also changed their lineup and name several times, having previously been known as Orinoka Crash Suite, OCS, Orange County Sound, The Ohsees, The Oh Sees, Thee Oh Sees and, their current moniker, Oh Sees.

Paul Quattrone and Dan Rincon form a phalanx of interlocking double drums, alternately propelling and fleet footing shifting ground to pinion founder John Dwyer’s cliff-face guitars to the boogie. Tim Hellman keeps it swinging like a battle-axe to the eyebrows. More evil, more complex, more narcotic, more screech, more roar, more whisper, there’s even more Brigid Dawson. Less ‘Thee’, but more of everything else.

See the band’s reinvention for yourself, with Dwyer, Hellman, Rincon and Quattrone taking their uniquely made blend of garage rock and psychedelia to the stage at Brighton Dome next Tuesday (10 Jul).

Tickets are available on the Brighton Dome’s website here; don’t miss out!

Image by Thomas Girard

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