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REVIEW: Oh Sees, Brighton Dome, Thurs 10 July 2018


Often delegated to the rear of the stage (lest they be seen by the crowd sweating their balls off), the drummer of your standard-fit rock band is often the lesser known entity, unfairly dismissed for the sexy guitarist (see Dave Navarro), the chilled/bonkers bassist (read: Flea), or the show-stealing frontman (oh hey, Iggy Pop).

An unjust disregard, we’re sure you’ll agree, as they’re the metronome for which everything else works; without a beat you’re pretty much buggered, and things have a tendency to feel a bit, well, empty.

It seems San Francisco’s experimental rock outfit Oh Sees agree with us: at their Brighton Dome show this week, not one but two drummers appeared on stage – taking front and centre stage no less – with Paul Quattrone and Dan Rincon playing a mesmerising set with precise aggression and flawless synchronicity.

Meanwhile, the ever-restless John Dwyer prances the left-side of the stage, performing full body stretches amid guitar riffs laden with feedback and a vocal smorgasbord of howls, growls, melodies and harmonies, which perfectly juxtapose the unrelenting rhythm section.

In all, the show was electrifying, with the garage rock four-piece completing a set which perfectly showcased their double-decade career through extended renditions and shorter, explosive numbers, while John Dwyer’s sporadic ‘woo’s signalled that he was enjoying the show as much as we were.

Oh Sees release their 21st studio album Smote Reverser next month and, judging last night’s show, show no sign of losing their groove just yet.

Oh Sees are currently on tour. For details on UK, Europe and international dates, click here.

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