“On Sundays we feast!” – We tried Tutto’s new Domenico Sunday menu

My introduction to Tutto when it opened last year was, to be honest, a bad one. I had heard unfortunate reviews which included some pretty harsh comments. But, this only made me want to visit the Italian restaurant on Marlborough Place even more. I thought ‘surely it can’t be that bad’.

I am now writing this to confirm that whatever negativity you may have seen or heard about Tutto is certainly not what I experienced. We had a thoroughly enjoyable dinner where the price of the plates comes with the intimate adventure of sharing delightful flavours of dishes you may not have tried before. 

Photo by Jenni Helim

Tutto’s latest offering is Domenica Sundays where they express “on Sundays we feast!” And we certainly did exactly that.

The Domenica menu is a unique take on sharing small plates (a form of dining which their sibling restaurant Burnt Orange has become well acclaimed) as each course is shared with your partner. To start is Antipasti, and then you can choose an additional one, two or three plates maxing a maximum of four courses (£37pp) available.

The fact that the Antipasti comes regardless of how many courses you choose could have been made a bit clearer on the menu. So, two courses are Antipasti and Secondi (£27pp). Staff were very happy to talk us through the menu and our options. They also pointed out the Flight Trio deal which consists of a Spritz and two glasses of wine for just £20. (Three courses are £32pp.) 

First we ordered our Aperitivo (£6), opting for a Rhubarb Spritz and Limoncello Spritz. Over to our table came the trolley with its bar arrangement, then the drinks were made beside us. This was a fun and personal touch that I really enjoyed; the staff offered to add more flavour if necessary while a sprig of rosemary was placed in the glass.

Sipping our sweet bubbles, we took in Tutto’s interior design.

The yellow lighting from the wall lights and chandeliers create a warmth to the space. It seemed intentional considering Tutto “love everything about Italy: the weather, the energy”. Blue sofas and bar stools, plus blue tiling on the floor and lots of foliage enhanced the Mediterranean imitation.  

Image by Jenni Helim

On top of our four courses, we ordered the Beef Carpaccio (£10.5) and Fritto Misto (£10) as extras. For clarity these are extras, not side dishes, that come out as their very own course so ensure you save room for these special additions if something takes your fancy. The Carpaccio was a flavour and texture journey, decorated with parmesan, porcini and pine nuts. Definitely a highlight for me. The Fritto Misto was well salted and crispy, with a delightfully light lemon pepper aioli which was not overbearing with garlic. If you are a massive fried fish fan (like my partner) then this is definitely for you. For me, it was tasty but nothing outstanding. 

Choose between two, three, and four courses and share!

Then came the Antipasti which was heaven on a board. Grilled and marinated vegetables served cold with a well spiced walnut trapanese, olives, crostini, and plenty of salami. It established the sense of sharing wonderfully, though it did not need to be so big! Serving light crostini rather than thick cuts of bread was necessary, otherwise I would not make it through the next three courses to come. 

Seafood tagliatelle came next: homemade pasta ribbons with the sweetest tomatoes, clams, mussels, and squid. Delicate in flavour, as I tasted a hint of spice and kick of garlic, the pasta was pleasingly not drenched in sauce allowing the natural flavours and juices of the fish to be present. This dish has a delicious simplicity about it which will get you in a fork fight over who eats the last clam. 

Porchetta with ‘Ndjua gravy – Jenni Helim

For our Secondi course we chose the porchetta which is cooked with a layer of oregano and roasted garlic running through the meat. Usually porchetta can have lots of soft fat, however this portion was very meaty and the crackling had the perfect crisp to it. It did not necessarily need the ‘Ndjua gravy, but a slight drizzle of it was delicious all the same. All mains are served with crispy parmesan potatoes and a mound of leafy brassicas. Covered in chilli butter, the veg was maybe a bit too wet for my liking and did not have any sort of crunch you may expect from a leafy salad. However, the crunch came from the potatoes as they were beautifully browned with a soft middle, and topped with a touch of parmesan. 

Then, we had Dolci (dessert) to come for the finale of our feast.

I had seen images of Tutto desserts on social media and was looking forward to this course the moment I knew I was coming to dine. The lemon meringue tart was a showstopper. A huge portion size which included a fluffy layer of soft meringue delicately balancing on top of the lemon curd. The lemon was wonderfully sharp, and the oozing layer of strawberry coulis was a joy but added another layer of sweetness which was too sickly for my (non-sweet toothed) partner. Decorated with pistachios and fresh strawberries, I could not resist boxing the rest of this treasure up to continue the sharing spirit at home. 

Lemon meringue tart – image by Jenni Helim

The Domenica menu, I believe, is definitely good value for money for the high-quality, freshly made meals you are served and in generous portion sizes too. It is the perfect restaurant to come to for a special occasion or romantic date. Their ethos is “bring everyone, eat everything” and I loved the experience of tucking in and sharing not just food, but opinions of it, even emotions the meals triggered. Expect olive oil, garlic, and parmesan. You will leave feeling very satisfied. 

Tutto’s Domenica Sundays is an exclusive Sunday service. Throughout the week, they serve Italian small plates featuring some of the above dishes. (Recommended is 3-4 dishes pp, averaging at around £50 a head). Or, if you can’t decide on what to eat, the Taste of Tutto set menus offer a selection of all their best dishes (£36 or £46 pp). 

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