Oska Bright Film Festival 2017

Carousel and Junk TV present the Oska Bright Film Festival 2017, with its eighth edition, running over 3 days and showcasing over 100 films from around the world. At the last festival in 2015, Andrea Arnold OBE, multi-award winning film director, was amongst the great and good, of around 3000 attendees in total.

The festival is programmed, managed and delivered by a team of learning disabled film enthusiasts, as part of the organisation Carousel which focuses on putting learning disabled people in control of their art; in film, music, performance and production. What’s great about Carousel is that they challenge ideals of what great art is, and importantly, who creates it.

Oska Bright is just one of many artistic activities that Carousel organise for the learning disabled, as they aim to make the arts as diverse and inclusive as this wonderful aspect of our culture can be.

This year promises an exciting programme of films including a new LGBTQ+ strand. Special events include Q&A’s with directors and film makers, a glitzy awards ceremony and an art installation. There will be short films, art work from the learning disabled around the globe and interpretations of story on film through mediums such as dance music and moving image.

The festival has earned itself the position as Best Event in the City (Brighton & Hove Business Awards 2016) and with support of the public, not only can it sustain this position, but will hopefully continue to help improve diversity and opportunity within the arts.

The festival will be taking place 15, 16, 17 Nov 2017

To find out more visit: http://www.carousel.org.uk/oska-bright-film-festival/

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