Oskar’s Amazing Adventure

Following an unforgettable performance from ‘Theatre Fidera Fideri’ of ‘Pitschi the Kitten with Dreams’, performed by Natasha Granger at the Komedia in 2015, I was delighted to be invited back to see her perform again in ‘Oskar’s Amazing Adventure’.

My memories of Granger were that she was a masterful storyteller, so expectations were running high for another energetic performance, that stayed with my son and I beyond the realms of the theatre.

Oskar’s Amazing Adventure tells the story of a puppy called Oskar, keen to explore his surroundings and make new friends. We join Oskar as he makes his journey from the safety of the mountain he shares with Grandma, his loving Mama Dog Bella, her puppies and Grandma’s other animals. The ‘fun-loving’ puppy soon encounters danger but is saved after forming a remarkable friendship with a lesser known forest animal.

This story has been lovingly adapted from Colin Granger’s newly released book ‘Oskar’s Amazing Adventure’ which is available to purchase after the show, and it is affectionately retold through Granger’s humorous performance. Delivering a solo performance with so much content, is a huge responsibility and one which is not for the faint hearted, it requires gusto and confidence.

With Granger’s skills to convey the story of ‘Oskar’s Amazing Adventure’ there is no need for an overwhelming transformation of the performance space, the props available have been beautifully made and well thought out and are used to full effect.

Theatre Fidera Fideri is a family run theatre group passionate about live performance and creating children’s theatre which is enjoyed by both children and their families. They seek to provide performances which are ‘accessible, entertaining, engaging and inspirational’ and because Granger is gifted with the ability to perform with such sincerity, ease and enthusiasm it is impossible for them not to achieve this.

This kind of production appeals to me, I admire the simplicity and resourcefulness of placing the weight of the performance on a few cleverly designed props and the acting skills of one individual – this is story telling as it should be, this is acting as it should be in its simplest form. Children are captivated by Granger’s wide eyed performance and faultless pace.

The imagination is stoked and the love of theatre for little ones has the potential to start right here.

Most importantly (to me) this story made everyone in the theatre smile, it made children laugh in that beautiful way which in turn makes parents and carers smile even more.

With humour and opportunities for audience participation neatly packed in this show offers theatre magic for all of the family.

Oskar’s Amazing Adventure will be returning to Brighton on Sat 3 – Sun 4 June 2017 as part of Brighton Fringe Festival, tickets are on sale now at www.komedia.co.uk/brighton/kids-shows/oskars-amazing-adventure/

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