Weekend Break in The Sun

Our Guide to Planning the Perfect Weekend Break in The Sun

There’s a lot to consider in planning the perfect break in the sun, but when it comes to planning a weekend break in the sun there is even more. You might reconsider your budget. It might be worth the same as a week elsewhere. What can you get into a weekend? What would you want to get into a weekend? There are lots of things to consider. If it all seems a little overwhelming, fear not. We’ve got a guide to get you through it all and make sure you’ve got the weekend break you want.

Opt for simple and affordable

Usually, when you’re thinking about booking a holiday in the sun, the first decision you face is “Do you go cheap or expensive?” Affordable choices may come with extra stress such as booking all the interconnecting transportation, whereas when you’re booking a package holiday, you’re paying extra for everything from flights to accommodation to transfers to be handled for you. That’s a good option if you’re going for a week or more, but for a few nights at most it’s just money down the drain. Instead, have a good bargain hunting session and opt for low stress and low-cost accommodation. Remember that the further out of the city you go, the higher value you’ll get.

Get your travel insurance

Another way you can limit stress is to make sure your travel insurance is in order. If you’re going to go abroad, this is absolutely crucial. Travel insurance can help you by covering many of the issues that can occur on a holiday. You will need travel insurance that will provide cover for accidents on holiday, lost bags, lost or stolen money or passports, and if you get the right policy the cancelation of your trip due to Covid.

Consider when you go

“A weekend break”. It’s there in the name, right? Well, yes, but what weekend? If you’re thinking about a national long weekend that takes advantage of a bank holiday, keep in mind that a lot of other people will have the same idea. You’ll have to compete for flights, accommodation, and even personal space if you are headed to a major city. Not to mention, off-peak times have lower rates and better accommodation. You’ll get more value for money if you aim for months like May and August and September. If you are worried about the temperature, look into places like Tenerife and other options closer to the equator that will be hot for longer.

Do some research

And this is where the hard part comes in. You need to know what you want before you do any of these things. A weekend on the beach is very different from a weekend in the city. A weekend with the girls is very different from a weekend with the kids. What are you looking to get out of this weekend break? An adrenaline rush or some inner peace? A mix of both? Some culture? Some dancing? All these ideas will inform your weekend, and because it’s a weekend you have to really pack it in.

Once you’ve landed on a place to go, you might want to look closer at it. What restaurants will you eat at? What activities will you do? It’s important to get this right because you might be able to try again tomorrow, but not the next day.

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