BeSaucy founders (from left to right Ezda, Dashal and Chan Beevers)

Our New Mayo Obsession: BeSaucy

Local sibling trio launch award-winning vegan mayonnaise range BeSaucy.

Me and mayo-fan Chandni sampled the latest creations storming the mayonnaise world. BeSaucy we were challenged, and BeSaucy we Be’d… 

– The Basil – 

Chandni: I’m getting green pesto vibes.. What’s in green pesto? Do you know what I mean though, it’s like green pesto.. what’s in this?

Jessie: Yeah green pesto is basil, nuts and oil, it’s basically this. 

Chandni: Oh. Moving swiftly on. 

Jessie: It’s good! It has that tangy, garlicky, italian-y, pesto-y flavour down. Solid 7/10. 

– The Black Truffle – 

Chandni: Maaate, I’m obsessed with this. I LOVE truffle, this is so LAYered, do you know what I mean? Have you ever been to… whatsitcalled, the one in the laines… GBK? They’ve got these truffle fries, it tastes like that, this is SOOOO good! Honestly, I’m going to Infinity Foods tomorrow, this has changed my life.” Literally 5 mins later “*Gasps* OMG I’ve used half the jar already” 2 mins later “Okay one more blop… ooh yeah that’s the one. I’m taking this home, yeah?

Jessie: If there’s any left, damn…. I really like it too y’know. 

– The Garlic – 

Jessie: Classic, just the right amount of garlic with a hint of tang. Creamy and light, would go so well in a fish finger sandwich. Right now just my actual fingers is doing the job perfectly… 

Chan, have you tried this one?

Chandni: Mm yeah it’s tangy, but wait I can literally just taste the truffle it’s so good… *takes big scoop” mm it tastes like the heinz vegan mayo but with garlic… ugh wait it might be the truffle but, it just feels like the right ratio of both y’know.. 

[Of garlic to “mayo” flavour I’m assuming]

Jessie: This is the one for me, I’m obsessed. 100% pure aioli goodness. 


BeSaucy was launched yesterday by local sibling trio, formerly of multi-award winning, and all-round delicious BeFries (before Covid ruined everything). The three flavours are all 100% vegan, 100% delicious and is beautifully presented in 100% recyclable packaging. Good for your taste buds, your belly and the environment – we are IN LOVE! 

BeSaucy mayonnaise is available to buy in independent shops across Sussex including HISBE, Infinity Foods and Harriet’s of Hove (RRP £3.95 to £4.45 for a 180g jar) and online at from 5 July 2021. (Online customers have a minimum order of three jars – £11.85.)

BeSaucy founders (from left to right – Chan, Dashal and Ezda Beevers)

About BeSaucy

BeSaucy is a family business founded by siblings Ezda, Dashal and Chan Beevers, former co-founders of Belgian chip shop BeFries on West Street, Brighton.

Inspired by their childhoods growing up in Amsterdam, BeFries served up double-cooked chips and a varied selection of homemade sauces for four successful years. Beloved by locals and tourists alike, the venue won a total of sixteen awards, including repeat runner up in the Observer Food Monthly Awards ‘Cheap Eats’ category in 2018 and 2019. 

Sadly, BeFries closed last year due to the incredible pressures placed on the high street and restaurant industry. However, the demand for the family’s sauces has continued, as has their desire to create plant-based products that make it easy for consumers to develop more sustainable eating habits. 

Following years developing and fine-tuning recipes to perfect the base and flavour combinations of their inhouse sauces, BeSaucy’s head of product development, Chan Beevers, spent lockdown ensuring their mayonnaises could be scaled up for larger production. Chan is former head pastry chef at Sushisamba, Duck and Waffle and Zuma, and is currently head cook at BHT Sussex, Phase One Project.

Each sauce is created from a base of aquafaba otherwise destined for waste, organic soya milk and cold-pressed rapeseed oil produced by a family-run farm in the Cotswolds. The vegan basil was BeFries’ best-selling flavour and won two stars at the 2018 Great Taste Awards, their highest awarded mayonnaise that year.


Head of finance and marketing at BeSaucy, Dashal Beevers, comments: “The pandemic has changed many people’s eating habits, with 18% of Brits opting for more vegetarian and vegan food since March last year. At BeSaucy we believe in offering tasty alternatives that benefit the environment and that everyone can enjoy. Funnily enough, most people who try our sauces don’t even realise they’re vegan! 


“With BeSaucy, we want to show that mayonnaise can be used as an ingredient, as well as a condiment. Chan developed lots of recipes for customers to try at home, using our diverse range of flavours to add extra depth to meals. We also have many more combinations to launch when the time is right,” adds Dashal.


Ezda Beevers, who leads on BeSaucy’s sales and customer relations, says: “I came to Brighton in 1994 for university and my brothers were close behind! We fell in love with the city – its spirit, its pride, its creativity and the kindness everyone shows here on a daily basis. With BeFries we wanted to pay that kindness forward: we always took the time to connect with and help our community, which drove our success and led to some brilliant opportunities.


 Losing BeFries was obviously a huge disappointment. However, as the pandemic hit and we went into lockdown, this provided an opportunity for us to adapt and develop our business. With BeSaucy, we have created something positive from our perceived failure. It’s also strengthened our relationships, bringing us even closer together as a family. I wouldn’t want to do this with anyone other than my two brothers.” 


Social media:


Twitter: @BeSaucyltd

Facebook: @BeSaucy.Ltd


About Ezda, Dashal and Chan Beevers  


Ezda Beevers headshot

Ezda Beevers, Head of sales and customer relations: Ezda has more than 25 years’ experience providing excellent customer service and managing teams. An accomplished saleswoman, Ezda moved to Brighton in 1996 to study anthropology at university and got a job in a shop in Brighton’s North Laine. By her third year she was managing the shop while finishing her degree. A successful career in retail followed. BeFries enabled Ezda to manage a large team where she fostered a nurturing work environment while getting the best from her colleagues.

Dashal Beevers headshot

Dashal Beevers, Head of marketing, brand development and finance: Dashal is extremely creative, with extensive experience in event management, marketing and PR. He left school at 13 without any qualifications, moved to Amsterdam and started working for an independent record label, eventually becoming a director of the company. The start Dashal had has never held him back. In fact, it has given him life experience which allows him to understand and connect with people on a profound level. BeFries gave Dashal the opportunity to explore his natural ability for innovative ideas, coming up with fun and accomplished marketing campaigns.

Chan Beevers headshot

Chan Beevers, Head of logistics, manufacturing and product development: Chan has been a chef for more than 16 years and food has always been his passion. Making people happy through food is what motivates him to work extremely hard. He once made dessert for the Queen whilst working at Coutts bank! After working his way up to head pastry chef at Zuma, Duck and Waffle, and Sushi Samba, he decided he wanted to work for himself and set up his own business. At BeFries, Chan furthered his knowledge of stock control and management, and recipe development, with an emphasis on retail products. He also gained a wealth of experience in food retail laws and regulations.

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