world's best golf courses

Overview of the world’s best golf courses

Golf is one of the most popular and elite sports. The best courses are in Canada, Mexico, the USA, the Caribbean, and Bermuda. Learn more about golf here Check out the descriptions of the best courses to choose where to play.

Pebble Beach In California

The field was built in 1919. It was the first public place on the oceanfront. The location is very advantageous. Initially, the course takes players to the ocean’s edge and higher ground.

The last two holes are near the cliffs. The most beautiful spots are near the 4th and 10th holes. To this day, the course is considered one of the most beautiful in the world.

Pinehurst In North Carolina

Brief information about the place is located:

LocationPinehurst village
Year of construction1907
ArchitectDonald Ross

This area is famous for its legendary landscaping. It was a resort that attracted visitors from all over the world. In 1940, the U.S. Women’s Open Tennis Championship was held. After that, many experts remarked on the merits of the area. Short grass and excellent greens are what makes the course so outstanding.

It is one of the few resorts where you can play golf and have a great time. Ross’s design, flexibility, and the beauty of the short grass are impressive here.

Pacific Ocean Dunes

It was built in 2001 in Oregon. The extraordinary construction of pairs characterizes this course. Modern architecture looks unusual and differs from design standards. About 50 years ago, all designers faced certain limitations. 

Explosive bunkers were scattered in many places, as well as gigantic dunes. The lawns are laid out very nicely and neatly. The panorama of the Pacific Ocean is complemented by an incredible design. It’s a place that deserves your attention.

Kiawah Island In South Carolina

This place was built back in 1991. The view is fantastic and beautiful. Here you can see a combination of tidal marshes covered in bushes, live oaks, and beautiful plants. The soothing sound of the Atlantic Ocean creates an incredible atmosphere.

The course is top-rated. Major events have been held here. The design is impressive and eye-catching. Most of the rooms have a plateau. The most pronounced are on the 3rd, 11th, and 14th holes. 

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Casa De Campo

The course is based in the Dominican Republic. The founder is Alvaro Carta. He hired architect Pete Dye for his property. His job was to build the attraction. The construction process could have been faster because of the jungle plants. More than 300 Dominicans were involved in the process. 

Eventually, eight holes were placed along the shoreline. This course is dated and yet graceful at the same time.

Bandon Trails

Some basic information about the place:

  • location – Bandon, Oregon;
  • year of construction – 2005;
  • Architect – Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw.

Some of the best designers have worked on this project. Once here, there’s no doubt about it. The route here takes you through towering dunes and a beautiful coastal forest. You will see the views of the nearby course for a long time. You will surely be impressed with the par 5, par 4, and par 3 sections.

Whistling Straits

This is another incredible venue that hosted the 2004, 2010, and 2015 PGA championships. The course looks unbelievably beautiful. It was challenging to get to this point. There used to be a military base here, and toxic waste was brought to the site. Bringing in 7,000 batches of sand was necessary to create the hills and bunkers. In this way, the bluffs were moved away from the shore.

The owner wanted this course to look like it was located in Ireland. His wish was made a reality. In 2021, the Ryder Cup was played here. After that, it became known how suitable the course was for matches.

Basic information about this course:

  • location – Inverness;
  • year of foundation – 2012;
  • architect – Rod Whitman.

The owner has given the area of Nova Scotia to an architect from Canada to make the dream a reality. The beauty of the local nature impresses everyone. There are challenging, teak-covered fairways, great breezes on the shore, and fabulous views of St Lawrence Bay.

Whitman has added micro contours in and around the greens. His style looks unbeatable. The views here are spectacular, and you can have a great time.


One of the first buildings in California. Pasatiempo is considered one of the best golf courses. It is a deep inland course with a magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean from its heights. The entire route is covered with undulating greens that look unusual. Here the visitor can see an abundance from the long, uphill par 3 to the par 16, humpbacked bends situated over a precipice, to the three-level Green. 

Some visitors note that the course is crowded with houses. One of them belongs to Mackenzie and is next to the par-5 6th. Having a holiday house here is a dream for many players. The cost of admission is costly. You have to pay $325 for entry.


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Playing golf is great fun and exciting. It’s a sport that’s different from others. Check out the best courses to find out where it’s best to play. Many exciting places are worth checking out.

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