Pablo Di$coBar bring Carnival Carnage to Brighton

A sprawling collective of DJ’s, producers and multimedia artists Pablo Di$coBar share a love for tropical rhythms and global beats with a firm basis of modern festival culture. It’s a parody of the narco-culture backlash, re-shuffling their concept and elements into a visual experience trough multimedia. Mixing vintage sounds with modern production expect a musical journey from Peruvian psychedelic Chicha and Nigerian acid boogie to Mexican and Colombian electro Cumbia and Blakan Bass Beats.

The Di$cobar returns to Brighton’s MONO on Fri 7 April, with Carnival Carnage. Right now, they are assembling a truly Brighton-based line-up that will make everyone twerk and shake, including OT4KU, Iain Dub, YES MEL!! Evad and Men behaving Jihadly, with decor by Something Groovy. It’ll inspire you to get your mambo arms on, don tropical fruit head dresses and break out the Hawaiian shirts – anything goes this time!

Pablo Di$coBar head to Brighton’s MONO on Fri 7 April, 2017.

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