Party In Your Pants!

Our beautiful city of Brighton & Hove has always stood waving the flag for creative values, liberal morals and being down right fun. But what happens when you tie all three strands together, set them to a beefy bassline soundtrack and douse them in UV paint?

To all you glorious souls, in all your specular shapes, sizes and formations, open your hearts to the kaleidoscopic burst of colour, creativity and chaos. Step inside the beautiful brain child from the Judi and the Doodle Cats team with Party In Your Pants.

Clubbing culture can be daunting for many people, especially for those who, for whatever reason, feel they don’t fit into social norms and media expectations (aka pretty much most of the population). However, through the sheer magic of the Party In Your Pants event, the team go all out to give you freedom to enjoy and embrace the skin you’re in. Before you recoil in fear and apprehension, no you do not have to literally dance in your underwear. You set your own rules but remember, your body is literally the canvas, ‘You are the artist. You are the art!’ – so the more you display, the more you can play.

Judi & The Doodlecats at North Laine -57

You may have already come across their smaller pop events, such as Doodle Couture and The Frippery Factory, in a variety of pub locations across the city. Now Judi and the Doodle Cats have a new jewel in their crown with their self-proclaimed ‘UK’s first (and probably only) topless, feminist UV body-doodle party’. Perfectly teamed and snuggly homed at the Green Door Store, a venue with a firm stance on inclusivity and diversity in their programming, this underground environment welcomes all who wish to partake in downright spontaneous silliness.
As you enter this world of wonderment, you’ll be greeted with warm smiles and whimsical décor, which immediately offers a fantastic festival vibe. At the (free!) cloak room, you hand over your civilian garments and change into your epic outfit. From underpants and snazzy swim gear to wild and elaborate rave couture creations, the impressive lengths some put towards their UV ensemble adds to the artistically immersive flavour of this party. From there, you’re free to play! From the splatter walls, getting soaked in glitter blunderbuss (yes, a glitter blunderbuss) to just simply dancing your cares away. Seasoned ravers to nightlife newbies, this party earns a welcomed place on your ‘must go to’ list.

Party In your Pants Sunrise Edition -88

Here are just a few handy tips to make sure you have the maximum amount of awesomeness

Buy a ticket in advance! Due to the unique and inclusive nature of the event, the tickets for these parties sell out early. Make sure you join their Facebook page so you’re the first to know about upcoming dates (Also to those whose pockets are pinching, you won’t be denied the fun. The page offers limited amount of early-bird tickets too).

As stated before, you don’t have to just be in your undercrackers, if shorts and vest are enough for you then totally rock that. However, with the DJ taking you on a rollercoaster from guilty pleasure pop to bass-laden beats, you can’t help but shed some layers. Party In Your Pants are big fans of the ‘Free the nipple moment’ and holds feminist freedom at its heart. Whenever you do desire to take the leap of exposing your unique form, there will be, splashes, sploshes, splats, swishes and gloops of UV paint and pens waiting for you. (All the inks are water soluble so feel free to be truly care free.)

Even with the relaxed and open nature of the event, everyone must understand and uphold one rule. Respect. Pervy people are swiftly dealt with to ensure safety.

In a day and age where we collectively agree to raise a glorious middle finger against unimaginative beauty standards, and where we are growing to be unapologetic about loving our bodies, Party In Your Pants creates a feeling of togetherness and unity, This is ethical clubbing at it uttermost finest, an uplifting and empowering experience for all involved.

Party In Your Pants comes to Green Door Store on Sat 17 Feb and Sat 31 Mar.

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