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Patty and Rum: Appleton Estate collaborates with Patty & Bun Brighton

When Captain Jack Sparrow exclaimed, “Why’s the rum gone?” in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest twelve years ago, little did we realise how much we would relate to the character more than a decade later.

However, when we took a visit to Patty & Bun to test out their collaboration with Appleton Estate (which includes a delectable chicken burger and quality cocktail), we found ourselves in the same quandary.

In a world where gin and craft beer appear to dominate the industry, it can be easy to forget about Jamaica’s finest export. Enter Patty and Rum: the smart collaboration between Patty & Bun and Appleton Estate which is present at the chain of quality burger joints for the month of July.

If you’ve been to Patty & Bun before, you know the drill. The flavours are a complex yet carefully-crafted to blend perfectly with one another, and the Patty & Rum burger is no different.

The first grilled chicken burger to hit P&B menus, the Patty & Rum burger is served in a soft brioche bun, with a crispy okra hash brown and coleslaw, topped with an Appleton Estate rum-infused burger sauce  bursting with Caribbean flavour.

In true Jamaican style, we also paired this with the Appleton Estate Jamaican mule (an update on the Moscow Mule) a punchy mix of ginger beer, lime and Appleton Estate Signature Blend. Food and drink perfectly paired, just like Appleton Estate and Patty & Bun.

We finished our meal immensely satisfied, however left with a craving for more of that golden Jamaican nectar. ‘Why is the rum gone?’ indeed.

The Appleton Estate burger is available at Patty & Bun diners across London and Brighton for the whole of July only – catch it while you can!

For more on Appleton Rum Estate, visit here.

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