BN1 tries… Patty & Bun Brighton

Brighton is certainly not in short supply of good burgers, but I was still delighted when I heard that Patty & Bun would be taking up residency on the corner of Ship Street in The Lanes. Despite never having checked them out before, Patty & Bun have been ardently mentioned to me in more than one of those ‘Best Burger Ever’ conversations. So, I was glad to tick off the burger bucket list without having to trek up to London!

As we were ushered to a table in the window, the vibe was very much what I have come to expect from a new age burger joint. Dark lighting, tick, splashes of neon, tick, house music, tick and the staff looking as cool as the majority of the patrons. Saying this, the formula clearly works as the place is buzzing in its first week of opening.

We’re offered menus and order a couple of beers to get into the spirit of things. As ever when I am presented with a menu, I am torn between the joy of knowing it’s nearly feeding time, and the endless anxiety of making a wrong decision and sitting through a harrowing evening of food envy!

We decide on some beef brisket nuggets with kimchi mayo to get us started, as thankfully my dinning partner Natalie appears to be struggling with the same bout of indecision as I am. I order myself a pink mojito (Appletons rum, fresh mInt, lime, sugar and cranberry juice) – while Natalie opts for a Cpt. Coldbrew (Sandows cold brew coffee, vodka and Kahlua) which allows us a couple of extra minutes to try and make some of these big decisions.

In the end, we opt to go halves on the ‘Jose Jose’ Chilli burger and ‘Hot Chic’ chicken burger – It’s worth mentioning we were very tempted by the vegan offering The Whoopi Goldburger. We play it safe with side of chips with rosemary salt to share, as I’ve learnt my lesson from a few recent incidents of over ordering.

The cocktails and starter arrive within a few minutes, and I have to say we are delighted with all our choices.

The mojito is sharp with the addition of cranberry adding a sweet note that offsets the tart tang of lime beautifully. Natalie’s cold brew cocktail is delicious and were it not 8pm on a school night I would have been tempted to order one for myself. The beef brisket nuggets came out piping hot and were crispy on the outside with a rich succulent centre that went perfectly with the kimchi mayo.

Our burgers arrive in neatly wrapped little packages, which I am soon to learn will not be a neat package for very long. Personally I found the burgers a great size, not like some I have been confronted with in the past – although as I get going it is not the easiest thing to eat delicately (perhaps a first date no-go in my opinion!)

The brioche bun of the ‘Hot Chic’ burger is stuffed with fried buttermilk chicken, coleslaw, pickles, lettuce and smoked garlic aioli – and although messy, it was as dreamy as it sounds.

We swap plates, and I get stuck into the ‘Jose Jose’ which is a beef patty piled high with cheese, tomato, lettuce with chilli sobrassada relish, pickled onions, ketchup and smokey mayo served in a brioche bun. Despite it being equally as messy as the first, it was equally as tasty -which is of course what counts. Our bill comes to just over the £50 mark, which seems pretty reasonable for beers, cocktails and meal for two.

Located: 56 Ship St, Brighton BN1 1AF

Words by: Anya Zervudachi

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