Paul Zenon offers Linking Rings Edinburgh preview

Both heartfelt and beautiful, Paul Zenon brings a compelling hour of magical storytelling to Rialto Theatre, on Wed 29 – Thu 30 July. An affectionate look at a wasted youth and unsung heroes; a touching true tale of interlocking lives, it’s might not be a magic show, but is magical nonetheless.

Written by and starring the Brighton-based magician, it examines Houdini’s right-hand man, as he deals with the death of his boss. A half-century later, a Blackpool joke shop proprietor takes on a wide-eyed protégé.

The UK pioneer of TV Street Magic and a regular everywhere from Countdown’s Dictionary Corner to Olivier Award-winning Fringe Festival favourite ‘La Clique’, this represents an exciting change of direction for Zenon. This month he’ll also be appearing as Bardolph, in Shakespeare’s Merry Wives of Windsor, at BOAT (Brighton Open Air Theatre) on Wed 15 – Sun 26 July.

Paul Zenon’s Linking Rings comes to Rialto Theatre, on Wed 29 – Thu 30 July, 2015

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