Pay a visit to Sailor Jerry’s Amp Bar at The Great Escape festival this weekend

Crank up the soundtrack and amplify the energy with Sailor Jerry, the bold and smooth spiced rum, as its new Amp Bar takes centre stage at The Great Escape this weekend.

Inspired by Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins, the bar will feature flash artwork honouring the life and times of the father of American old school tattooing, and will appear at Jubilee Square for the duration of the festival. Rock out to the speaker amps and plug in and play with a specially created guitar amp jack – from heavy metal to British indie, just take a pick from a selection of kickass records all stored in the unit. Don’t forget to stay hydrated, as the bar serves up refreshing Jerry Loves Ginger cocktails, perfect to enjoy in the Brighton sunshine.

The festival hosts some of the top up and coming acts – including Hockey Dad, Ms Banks and Xavier Darcy – so get ready to rock out with the best as Sailor Jerry’s brings the party with the Amp Bar.

Sailor Jerry’s has become a popular Brighton favourite in recent years, with its spiced rum instantly recognisable with a quintessential Sailor Jerry hula girl on the label. As the bottle is emptied, additional pin-up girls designed by the legendary tattooist become visible on the inner side of the label.

It takes its influence from Caribbean rum, which sailors would traditionally spice with flavors from the Far East and Asia to make it more enjoyable to drink. In 2010, the formula being sold in the United Kingdom was changed to include a less sweet taste.

Have fun at The Great Escape Festival this weekend, but remember: Please drink responsibly.

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