The critically-acclaimed, independent film, Philophobia, sees a UK-wide release on Fri 30 Oct 2020

Philophobia set for box office success

Produced by UK production company Fablemaze, Philophobia will be coming to 50 cinemas across the UK on Fri 30 Oct.  The Guardian recently questioned whether it could “save cinemas” in the midst of the pandemic.

Philophobia, by first time writer director Guy Davies, is set in the last week of school in the UK and focuses on a boy and his friendship group on the cusp of adulthood. A picture of adolescence about love, friendship, sex and that uncertain transition period in life before becoming an adult.

“Philophobia is the summer that our teens didn’t get to have this year because of COVID: That last week of exams, partying, school pranks, last chance relationships with the crush you’ve had for years, reconciliation and solidifying friendship before school is done for good and you’re moving on,” said Davies. “The process all along with this movie has been a fully independent production. No government or grant money. Low budget and a grassroots funding effort in the local area where the film was made, and we’ve gone to cinemas directly to make this release happen.”

Philophobia comes to 50 cinemas across the UK, including Worthing’s Dome, on Fri 30 Oct 2020

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