Grosvenor Casino Brighton

Pier Nine: New Entertainment Options to Appear on the Seafront in Brighton

The on-going refurbishment and expansion of the Grosvenor Casino means that a new entertainment hub is set to appear on the seafront in Brighton. The sector has seen something of an upswing in recent years, as the accessibility of online casino has brought slots and table games to those who perhaps wouldn’t have played them otherwise, and now the Grosvenor Casino in Grand Junction Road is currently undergoing a £5.2 million redevelopment plan. But what does this involve and what does it mean for the future of tourism and culture in the area?

What Is Going to Happen?

The transformation of Pier Nine will be completed with an official opening in January 2020. Grosvenor Casino Brighton will be open as usual. Work is still on-going at the time of writing, and it is expected to continue up until near to the opening date. The complex is going to maintain the casino that is currently there while adding a second casino and a wide range of new entertainment options.

Life nowadays is a 24/7 affair – largely thanks to the internet, which allows us to shop, stream entertainment or play in online casinos whenever we like – and this redevelopment aims to capture that spirit by staying open around the clock. A range of food and drink options will be available in the various restaurants and bars and, as well as traditional casino games in the two casinos, there will also be arcade areas with retro machines and betting games.

Extra entertainment and socialising possibilities will be offered by a karaoke zone and a private cinema, where groups of friends and work colleagues can enjoy their leisure time. The entire complex will be housed over a total of three floors.

Bob Bowry is the general manager of the development. He called it a “major investment in a well-loved building on the seafront” that will create new job jobs in the area’s leisure and entertainment industry.

The Growing Appeal of New Casinos

Recent changes in government legislation and consumer habits mean that the casino industry is currently going through a phase of impressive growth. A large part of this comes down to the increasing popularity of new casinos. One of the other major casino plans in the UK is in Liverpool. The project here is to re-develop the historic George Henry Lee Building where the John Lewis store was once situated. A hotel and nightclub are also to be included in this plan from developers Niboco.

As well as the land-based casinos that are being built across the county, a large number of new internet casinos are also attracting players. These sites are proving to be popular with players who want to sample the gaming experience from home. The fact that they typically offer welcome bonuses that can be worth up to £5,000 helps new players to settle in with extra funds.

What Will Pier Nine Bring to Brighton?

One of the key benefits to be gained from the construction of this entertainment complex is the expected creation of more than 60 new jobs. This is good news, as the unemployment figures in Brighton are above the national average.

It’s true that 14,300 new jobs and 2,700 new businesses have been created here since 2011, but the extra employment that comes from this casino complex will help to boost the local economy even more. In terms of the cultural impact that it will have on the Brighton area, the developers say that it will introduce a “unique social experience” that adds to the “city’s vibrant cultural scene”.

Other Exciting Plans for Brighton

With over 10 million people visiting Brighton & Hove each year, and after a successful summer season jam-packed with exciting new events, there are many plans in place to improve the popular seafront area. These include Volk’s Railway heritage project, a new outdoor swim centre, the Brighton Zip and the new King Alfred sport centre. All of these projects are at different stages, with some of them now completed. For example, the Brighton Zip is now up and running, with a 300-metre zip wire and a 24-metre freefall experience. It is also now possible to travel on Volk’s Electric Railway.

Taking the new complex and other plans into account, these are clearly exciting times for anyone looking for a great time in the Brighton area – whether you’re the kind of adrenaline junkie who can’t wait to take on the Brighton Zip or you’d like to take your online casino gaming to the floor of a swanky new casino. There’s a great deal to look forward to on that famous Brighton horizon, so keep your eyes peeled for these Pier Nine plans.

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