The one thing we can all relate to during the pandemic is the word “Zoom” or “group chat”. Love it or hate it, this technology continues to help people and businesses connect in real-time from the comfort of your home.

Mark Ward was one of these people who saw the benefits of connecting in such a way and PIGEON was launched – the new peer-to-peer e-learning and skill-sharing platform.

Skill sharing online is not a new idea, but the way in which PIGEON enables anyone from any background to offer their time and skill set was something that hasn’t fully been tapped into yet. 

Mark tells me that PIGEON’s technology connects people from all walks of life, at any age, to learn new skills or share their passion whilst getting paid in the process. Live 1-2-1 video chats enable ‘Sharers’ to pass on unique knowledge and expertise from a range of passions, hobbies and interests. ‘Learners’ can perfect existing skills or discover new ones, asking as many questions as they’d like and receiving personalised feedback and demonstrations through live video chats.

With the release of the platform in beta mode, the focus was on food and drink, with more and more skill areas being added as the brand expands. Ever wondered how to make an Espresso Martini? Well, you’re in luck! You can log into PIGEON, find a ‘sharer’ who can give their time and away you go – enabling a more personal experience, asking questions as you go whilst the sharer can give you additional tips or tell you where you are going wrong.

Mark credits his parents as the inspiration behind the platform: “I grew up watching my mum run her own businesses, all centred around caring for other people and being part of a community, and my father who has mastered his passion of handcrafts and woodwork. Sometimes my mum was running meals to elderly people for her domestic care agency, other times she was blowing up balloons on the weekends for parties. To this day, she continues to share with others.

“Meanwhile, I’ve spent 20 years working in the hospitality industry, founding Regal Rogue in 2011. Throughout this time, I’ve been contacted by friends and family to walk them through recipes or discuss party ideas. Supporting each other and sharing is human nature. We all have people we turn to for their tips and advice within our friend and family networks. So why not unlock that potential and allow people to monetise their homegrown talents?”

The beauty of this platform is anyone can offer their expertise or passions to eager learners. Think of yourself as a master chef? Perfected the art of baking? A DIY expert? You can give your time to others and earn from it. Get good at it and you could find yourself in a new career!

With behaviours changing in how people work, many are looking to become financially self-sufficient, especially at a time when the cost of living is spiralling high and people are looking at ways to top up their income. PIGEON is that unique tool that means you can engage with others from the comfort of your home.

It’s your time

Sounds like a phrase Simon cowl might mutter on prime-time TV, but this is the clever catch line from PIGEON, and it really is ‘your time’ that you can be offering to someone who wants to learn a new skill or gain more confidence in their abilities. 

You can make a nice little earner on the side or if you become in demand, it could be a whole new career path! So why not give it a go? It’s free to do taster sessions and a great way to see if you want to continue learning from a particular ‘sharer’. 

Join the flock!

Anyone can start to learn with PIGEON from just £4.99 per month or Pay as you Chat, while Sharers can set their own hourly rate starting at £12 an hour, roughly 12% above the London living wage. The more they share, the more they can earn.

The brand also aims to use its technology to ensure everyone has access to learning, with a dedicated purpose over profit fund. 5% of revenue from the monthly plans will be invested each month and the “PIGEON flock” get to vote on what happens to that money – whether it’s peer-to-peer e-learning, connecting the isolated, or helping hidden communities bring their handcraft to others.

Register now and join the flock: https://pigeon.me/

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