Planning Your First Holiday as A Couple

Planning Your First Holiday as A Couple: Where You Should Go

According to travel data compiled by the UK government, UK residents made 19.1 million trips abroad in 2021, which is unsurprising when international travel is so easily accessible nowadays. Whether you travel solo or with a partner, travelling is a beautiful way to explore new cultures, meet new people, try new things, and much more – but let’s face it, it’s always better to travel as a pair!

Whether you’d like to get lost in the hustle and bustle of a big city, unwind in places with vast amounts of natural beauty, or explore ancient wonders, there is a whole world out there waiting for you and your partner to explore together. However, if you’ve never been abroad with a partner, you might wonder which destination to tick off your list first.

Below, we list some of the most romantic destinations for you and your partner to go to on your first holiday together using recommendations from the travel experts at Audley Travel. So, whether you’re looking to pop the big question or need some quality time away, continue reading as we detail the best locations and experiences:

Egypt (Africa)

Despite the many rumours about Egypt being a dangerous holiday destination, it is one of the top countries on most frequent travellers’ bucket lists due to its fascinating history, beautiful climate and delicious cuisine.

One of the main reasons a trip to Egypt should be at the top of couples’ holiday lists is its diversity. Whether looking for food, entertainment, culture or just to relax in the sun, Egypt offers something for everyone.

Whether you and your loved one would like to go for a tour down the Nile River, watch the sunset/rise over Luxor, or visit the Pyramids of Giza, your jaw will drop while exploring some of the world’s most sought-after tourist destinations.

Egypt is known for being one of the most romantic African destinations with towering temples, sand-covered pyramids, sparkling Nile waters, sandy beaches, etc., which can be perfect for exploring with your other half or even as a backdrop for a marriage proposal!

Brazil (South America)

Boasting some of the most wonderful natural beauty in the world, Brazil is not only visually stunning but also a place of exploration, learning, and much more. For these reasons, it should grace the top of your travel bucket list for you and your partner.

Especially if you and your lover love adventure or nature, Brazil will have you both participating in a different activity each day. Whether one day you’re exploring all two-hundred and seventy-five cascades of the raging water of Iguaçu Falls, and the next you’re hiking to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro, you and your partner will have no shortage of things to do.

Putting aside the rippling cascades, sun-kissed beaches, vast expanses of mountains, and other natural boons, there is far more to this country than just topographical wonders. With your partner by your side, you can sample some of the delicious cuisine native to Brazil, such as barbequed meats, Brazilian cheese bread, Brazilian-style beans, Brazilian-style rice and much more.

Then once you’ve eaten your fill, you and your partner can choose how to spend the rest of your day, like visiting some of the nation’s iconic architecture, like the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, taking a stroll around one of the many national parks dotted around the country, spot whales in Praia do Rosa, and much more.

New York City (United States of America)

Finally, the last destination on our list of couples’ top destinations is the Big Apple, New York City. Whether you’ve been to the USA or not, there is no doubt that you hadn’t heard of New York before. There are many attractions to enjoy including the iconic Broadway shows, famous all-American cuisine, never-ending energy, or the towering skyscrapers like The Empire State Building or the Rockefeller Center.

Often dubbed as one of the most romantic cities in the world, New York City has a mixture of history, culture, and romance designed to serve all manner of couples. Dotted with hundreds of green spaces like Central Park, perfect for picnicking, strolling, or a horse-drawn carriage ride, hundreds of shopping opportunities like the iconic Manhattan-based Tiffany’s & Co. shop, exploring iconic tourist attractions like The Empire State Building, and much more.

Not to mention the many ways you can woo your lover while holidaying in the Big Apple, like dining out at one of the many restaurants, unwinding in a luxurious spa or hotel, basking in beautiful skyline views, shopping trips, and much more. Not only is New York an excellent location for celebrating your first holiday together as a couple, but it can be just as wonderful to take your relationship to the next level – like a proposal.

Regardless of your and your partner’s aims for your first holiday away together, whether you choose to sneak out to the city, rainforest, or dessert, we’re sure that this list of the top holiday destinations for couples will help you narrow down your options and choose a one-of-a-kind destination for you both to enjoy.

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