Platform B - The Rising - Photo by Lauren Mabbett Photography (L-R Jordi Carter, Elsa Monteith, Erin James)
Platform B - The Rising - Photo by Lauren Mabbett Photography (L-R Jordi Carter, Elsa Monteith, Erin James)

Platform B launches The Rising, Brighton’s first youth-led breakfast radio show

In a first for Brighton and Hove, Platform B launches a brand new youth-led breakfast radio show to empower and uplift the voices of the city. 

During a year of radical adjustment and political upheaval, Platform B has pioneered youth-led radio across the city, broadcasting live and pre-recorded shows centring on fresh perspectives and original, innovative content. Responding to change in real time, Platform B  is the place for those looking for nuanced insight into world events and progress, engaging interviews with trailblazers in society, introductions to up-and-coming tracks and musicians and that daily solo dance in the kitchen. 

Backed by Youth Music’s Incubator Fund, The Rising launches on February 15th, fronted by Platform B presenters Jordi Carter, Erin James, and Elsa Monteith and produced by Eva Lunny and Bobby Brown. The Rising will broadcast live from 9-11am (GMT) every weekday, bringing new music, current affairs, and local news to the front and centre. Born out of an unprecedented time, The Rising will wake up the city with optimism, ambition, and a curated selection of untapped global and local talent. Rise up with The Rising!

For further information, to get in touch or to learn more about The Rising, go to

This project is supported by Youth Music’s Incubator Fund, thanks to funding from players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

Elsa Monteith, Presenter for Platform B says: “The Rising represents the energy and ambition our city is after in these extraordinary times. As presenters, we will pass the mic to new voices, provide companionship and connection in the early hours and stay true to our progressive roots and optimistic outlook. Rise up with The Rising!”

Bobby Brown, Senior Producer for Platform B says: “We’re really excited to bring you a new breakfast show for Brighton & Hove. We’ve set out to entertain, engage and empower our local communities – we want to hear your stories, and spread the word on ways to keep the community spirit alive and kicking in challenging times. We want to inspire, inform… and have a laugh –  Rise up with The Rising on Platform B!” 

Matt Griffiths, CEO of Youth Music, says: “We see again and again at Youth Music how young people are finding ingenious ways to navigate their way into the music industries. Nevertheless, their progress is all too often blocked due to entrenched inequalities in the music industry. Through our Incubator Fund, we are able to address these issues by investing in innovative projects like Platform B.”

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