Point and Shoot review

Implausible, rampant and packed with twists, Point and Shoot is epic in every way. Four actors take on over fifty roles, whilst simultaneously providing a soundtrack for the piece. What could descend into bedlam, actually presents a master class in performance skills, giving merciless ambition and product placement a tuneful kicking along the way.

Thirty years from now – Hollywood lies in tatters, after a blockbuster-induced implosion leaves film-makers without funding for big projects. One director still yearns for a return to the halcyon days of his youth, where CGI reigned supreme and plots were unchallenging. With the arrival of an actress, who dreams of developing the rights she owns to a long-faded TV show, comes an opportunity to reconnect with the past. Attacking both Hollywood’s vapidity and art-house pretension, there is a genuine affection for the industry its cast mocks.

Set in the future, the show’s post war styling lovingly recalls the golden decades of film-noir. There’s a distinct noir edge to the narrative as well. Greed, corruption and dishonesty abound, in a plot of increasing complexity and ridiculousness. The plausibility of the story is not important; the joy here is in the execution. Each cast member hitting their marks perfectly, despite the massive complexity of the script. It might seem chaotic, but transition between characters and instruments is near-seamless. You can only imagine the hours of practice on the way here.

This brilliant musical is fresh from touring Australia in 2014, winning major awards at Fringe festivals in Perth and Sydney. Now it debuts in the UK at Brighton Fringe. It’s a frenetically paced affair, packed with sly asides, belly laughs and not a single wasted breath. A small company, with a big show and bigger hearts, it’s what we love about Fringe. Point and Shoot is joyful and frantically bursting with talent. I hope the rest of my month is at least half this good.

Point and Shoot is at The Warren, York Place, Brighton, on Fri 1 – Mon 4, Thu 14 – Sat 16 and Sun 31 May, as part of Brighton Fringe 2015.



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