Polygon Pop-up and Gin & Bear It present: Prohibition Speakeasy Bar

Polygon Pop-Up and Gin & Bear It are collaborating with Small Batch Coffee to bring a pop-up speakeasy prohibition bar experience like no other, to Brighton.

The year is 1922, Flappers abound and the Charleston reigns supreme on the fashionable dance floors. Mobsters and Boozehounds have taken control of our city and Brighton’s law-makers have cracked down on the sales of alcoholic drinks such as gin, vodka and whiskey and pushed all bars deep underground. Two relative new-comers – Father Gin and Father Bearit – are bringing their floating “prayer meeting” to our town in an effort to administer the “spirit” to the chosen few. Can you keep a secret?

A truly shady underbelly will be hidden beneath one of Small Batch’s locations, in the heart of Brighton, in the form of the Gin & Bear it cocktail bar, under the duel cover of coffee shop and prayer meeting. Serving up prohibition era cocktails using Brighton Gin, Martinis from the underground prohibition kings J and B and one of Brighton’s best craft beers from our local heroes Brighton Bier Brewery, you know you’re in for a great knees up! The whole evening is made possible by the support of ‘The Hive’ an organisation that helps small businesses and start-up companies.

This is not just any event. You will require a password and a pseudonym to be welcomed in, but to keep Johnny Law off our backs, this information will be provided (along with the location) on a need to know basis. Once you have purchased your tickets don’t forget to regularly check your emails and Polygon Pop-Up’s social media pages for updates and clues as to the whereabouts of this event. Loose lips sink ships so do remember – “Our Lips are Sealed”

Ticket Holders will be given a fake name, character profile and password for the evening and will not know the location until the night! There will be actors integrated into the crowd from mobsters, drunk priests, drunk nuns, bent cops and Brunos and Broads. People will have entertainment from comedy burlesque, live music duo, palm readers and many more surprises!

Tickets are only £15.00 which include a gin cocktail on arrival and a personal portrait photograph for you to take back with you to jog your memory for the night the next day.

Join the Facebook event here.

Buy your tickets at www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/speakeasy-prohibition-bar-tickets

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